The Week that Was... 04

Our pick of the week's best bike content from around the web.

01 The Passenger

2013's steady stream of Kris Kyle edits continues with his latest effort in collaboration with long-time sponsor, BSD bikes. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are the latest venues to get torn apart by Kyle alongside snippets from Dan Paley and there's yet another incredible flip to manual too.

02 Upside down dreams

Manitou Dorado aside, will anybody else take on the design challenge of the upside down DH fork? New company, DVO Suspension, have decided that cracking the code to the most mythical of front-end beasts would serve as the perfect way to announce their arrival. PinkBike got a look behind the Wizards' curtain in Emerald City (the fork is called Emerald. Wizard of Oz? No? Ok.).

© Duncan Philpott

03 26 regained control

Thank the Lord for Cotic Bikes. Amongst the miles and miles of heated internet ramblings as to which wheel size we REALLY need, they go and produce an edit like this proving that 26in wheeled bikes still have a bit of life left in them despite what the trolls say.

04 Der Enduromat

Things got a bit weird over on the Dirt Magazine site this week for 'Der Enduromat'. Their Google Translate decription suggested; 

Jasper Jauch drives Deister as “The ENDUROMAT” on the loose and disturbed not only by his aggressive driving style. The “MTB androids” manages to escape from his dark dungeon, but his followers to him are already on the heels…

© Red Bull Content Pool

05 Retallack wreckin'

Look passed the slightly odd scene with what looks like Seth Rogan's younger brother in a hot tub with a girl and the final in the series of Life Behind Bars is one of the best yet. Brandon and the lads head to Retallack Lodge to build some big jumps then ride them - simple.