Danny MacAskill talks Road Bike Party 2

Danny MacAskill performing during the filming of Road Party 2

Danny MacAskill talks about his involvement in Martyn Ashton's new edit.

Trial biking legend Martyn Ashton called on some heavy hitting backup to help complete the sequel to the hugely successful Road Bike Party. Danny MacAskill was one of those willing to step up to the challenge.

When did you first come to be involved with Road Bike Party 2?

Not long after I first heard about Martyn’s accident. Martyn sent me a message about four days after the accident, asking if I’d be part of it. For me it was a no brainer, and a real honour.

From there how did the project evolve?

I went to visit Martyn and Rob Kitchin, and we had a discussion about filming, and about spots they wanted me to ride in the video. Simple really.

Did it take a lot to get used to a road bike?

I had seen clips, which gave me a lot confidence and it looked like bike rode really well. Martyn’s skills make it look easy though. The first thing I was asked to do was the ride over top of the bridge, so I was straight in at the deep end.

What was the hardest thing to pull of?

The most challenging thing had to be the full loop at the national cycle centre in Manchester. I'd ridden a loop for Imaginate but it was in a very different environment. I just had to go for it with no practice. I had one big crash on it and thankfully got it on the next run.

Do you have a favorite part of the film?

The bit where Martyn does a big drop gap on fence at end of film. The geometry doesn’t lend itself well to that, so fair play to him. I've got so much respect for Martyn as a rider. It was a great thing to be a part of.

You can warch Danny MacAskill and Martyn Ashton in Road Bike Party 2 here.