It ain't freeride 'til you're in a vest

James Doerfling shamelessly hucking.
© Red Bull Content Pool
By Ric McLaughlin

There seemed to be a lot of cyber-chatter this year as to whether or not freeride was 'dead or alive'. We're not really sure how you define whether or not a genre of riding has or hasn't slipped from the mortal coil but for those still blindly seeking a pulse, James Doerfling's latest edit for Unit Clothing proves to be a nicely old-school 'huckfest'.

There's hucking, bar turns and slow motion back-wheel skidding galore and it's all perfromed in a vest. The soundtrack is suitably grungy too just for added 'freerideness'.

Doerfling is a beast and no matter where you may stand on the freeride debate, it's impossible not to appreciate the bike skills on display here.    

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