The A-Z of 2013 Part 1

The first part of our alphabetic round-up of the year's mountain biking.
By Ric McLaughlin

A... Martyn Ashton

2013 was set to be the year that Martyn Ashton blew us all away with Road Bike Party 2 - but no-one could've predicted how impressive a sequel it would turn out to be.

The veteran British trials rider had an accident during an Animal Bike Tour performance at the Silverstone round of the MotoGP Championship which lead to him being paralysed from the waist down. It's a cruel fate for someone so engrained and important to the mountain bike community but right at the point where anybody dared question how Martyn would deal with it he launched Road Bike Party2.

Along with help from Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg, the video is an incredible testament not only to Ashton's bravery but also his enduring professionalism.  

B... Brendan's gap

The build up to Red Bull Rampage this year seemed to be dominated by whether or not Brendan Fairclough would land his huge gap, constructed but unridden at last year's contest. As if there was ever any doubt, he smashed it. 

C... Cam Cole's crash

The Vallnord World Cup of 2013, aside from Remi Thirion's remarkable debut win, will live long in the memory for Yeti's Cam Cole's massive smash. A broken T7 vertebrae and a few missing teeth later and the big Kiwi assures us he's fully mended. 

D... DVO Suspension

New springy bits kids on the block, DVO Suspension, continued to tease us with their apparently finished and production ready forks. The Emerald upside down fork (as used by Cedric Gracia) was filmed in very bendy testing.

What were the loads involved though?! Without knowing that it was pretty impossible to work out how impressed or concerned we should've been.

E... Enduro World Series

One of 2013's unmitigated success stories was a new, high profile race series which channeled various enduro series' rules from around the world and taped them into tracks on some of it's most stunning hillsides. Tracy Moseley and Jerome Clementz proved that they were the world's best and left us all salivating for 2014's series.

F... Marco Fontana

We don't really need a reason for this, he's just a dude.

G... Gwin

It was a year which pretty much everybody predicted would be dominated by Aaron Gwin only for the American to have, well, let's call it a 'blip'. Niggling injuries and a new bike resulted in podiums being seemingly hard to come by. 

H... Hafjell Happenings

Perhaps the most important race of 2013 saw Stevie Smith take his second win at the Norwegian World Cup venue in a row. Gee Atherton's once handsome points lead was slashed almost into indifference. The momentum, in case there was any doubt, was now with Smith.

I... Imaginate

Danny MacAskill's boyhood dreams were realised into an epic two-wheeled super video. F1 cars, loop-the-loops and some incredible riding galore.

J... Jared Graves  

Spent all year smashing the EWS (yet another discipline he's apparently amazing at) and then romped to third at the DH World Champs on his Yeti SB66C enduro bike. The man is a machine.

K... Kiril Benderoni's Russian defection

The Russian freerider arrived at Rampage with many predicting that he would do something crazy. He built a half loop under a ledge just to further fuel those suspiscions.

Something spooked him however and an odd video emerged of an upset Kiril discussing how he was going to quit riding and had no intention of going anywhere near the Rampage site again.

L... Leogang

The World Cup overall title came down to the very last run of the year at Leogang Bike Park. Stevie Smith bossed it, threw his bike down and was promptly mobbed by his team. It was a historic moment as he became the first Canadian to win the title.

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