4 Reasons You Need to See ARRIVAL

Mountain biker Kyle Norbraten 360 drop at Red Bull Rampage 2013.
© John Gibson/Red Bull Content Pool

The Coastal Crew's newest film is the big, high-energy, must-see mountain bike movie of the year.

Here's why:

1. Norbs
As expected, Kyle Norbraten’s segment is sweet. He takes us to the red dirt paradise of Lillooet, B.C. and makes the place his own personal playground. He throws an impressive, step-down 360, busts out a few picturesque flatties and ends with a burly, beautifully-shot, perfectly-executed backflip that stands as the highlight of his segment.

2. The Brown Pow
Perhaps the most distinctive quality to come out of the Coastal Crew’s body of work is the rare brand of dirt found in their backyard. The loamy, gooey goodness that ends up on the floor of B.C.’s rainforests makes for incredible riding. It’s why the boys are always throwing the bike sideways, two-wheel drifting and breaking their rail to throw up a little dirt. They love getting deep in the dirt and the hometown segments in this film celebrate the best of brown pow.

3. Logan Peat
If the title of the film refers to any one athlete more than the others, it’s Logan Peat. The young rider displays a big range of super smooth and stylish dirt jump tricks that will have people taking notice. Pairing his standout riding with a Public Enemy track only adds to the awesomeness of the segment.

4. The “Let’s Go Ride” Factor
Some films tell stories. Some films sell products. This one gets you jacked up to actually ride. ARRIVAL features a soundtrack that -- while it may upset those who loved the metal and punk of the NWD days -- drives the movie forward consistently. Combined with fantastic editing that changes pace and keeps the mind’s eye entertained, this film is the kind you pop in while you get prepared to hit the trail.

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