The Top BMX Flatland Videos of 2013 (part 3)

Watch the number one picks for best flat video of 2013 from Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois.
BMX flatland rider Viki Gomez does a trick in South Africa
Viki Gomez in South Africa © Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool
By Kevin McAvoy

Terry and Matthias know good riding when they see it. Not surprisingly (well...), they gave each other a nod for the rad videos they each released in 2013. (Check out part one and part two of this article for the other videos.)

#1 (Terry): Matthias Dandois Vans Edit

© Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool

"I was super stoked on this edit! Matthias always puts in new tricks that are bangers for the hardcore riders to enjoy. Also the location, filming, and editing was so on point. It's edits like this that have a perfect mix of flat/street that really help grow our sport. Matthias killed it in this one for sure, making flatland look so dope!"

#1 (Matthias): Terry Adams HeadRush Promo

© Rutger Pauw/Red Bull Content Pool

"Everything about this edit is so tight -- the tricks, the message, and the way it's filmed. Terry says, 'I use my brakes because I want to. I scuff the tire because I want to. I do the tricks that make me happy… BMX is about freedom, and that’s the message I want to pass along.' Man, he said it all -- there are no rules in BMX freestyle, you just want to do whatever makes you happy. And anyone who says the opposite is not a freestyler."

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