Our Best MTB Highlights of 2013

Watch highlights inspired by the banger moments and achievements of 2013.
By Scott Hart

Here's to one final toast honoring the last year in Red Bull mountain biking:

The 2013 Contest Season

From Szymon Godziek's cashroll at Red Bull Berg Line in Winterberg, Germany, to Martin Soderstrom's triple tailwhips, or double backflips from Antoine Bizet, we can't wait to see what the contest riders will be successfully stomping this summer...

Ripping Solo Trail Sessions

Check out Aaron Gwin annihilating SoCal last spring and Curtis Keene slaying British Columbia's interior.

Brandon Semenuk

The Life Behind Bars series looked like so much fun that we'd like to move our things into Brandon's house today. But it's still winter in Canada, so we'll wait a few more months before we squeeze onto the couch between the rad company of Inty, R-Dogg, Logan Peat and the rest of the crew...

Red Bull Rampage

What. A. Contest. From Kelly McGarry's backflip across the canyon gap to Cam Zink's backflip heard around the world, we can only wonder: What on Earth is going to happen the next time Rampage comes around?

So here's to 2014! If 2013 is any indication, things are going to get even crazier this season.

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