Riding Concrete Waves: Ruben Alcantara's New Park

The new park in Malaga that Ruben helped design gets shredded by Sergio Layos and Matt Roe.
By Kevin McAvoy

Spain's Ruben Alcantara is known the world over for having completely ridiculous bike control and for being uniquely creative when he rides, so since he helped design a new concrete park in his hometown of Malaga, you know that place flows like no other. To help prove it, Ruben invited his Fly Bikes teammates Sergio Layos and Matt Roe for an inaugural session, and the three riders put down a style session of epic proportion.

Flow was definitely the name of the game, with the guys slashing through the park like they were rolling masterfully through a set of waves. The slow-mo cuts are awe-inspiring, driving the urge to hop on a bike and experience the same fluid motion.

Ruben has outdone himself once again. If you find yourself in Spain, make a point to hit the park for a session, but if that's not possible, just continue to take what he's done as inspiration for your own riding.

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Sergio Layos
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