Frequent Flyer: Aaron Chase's Travel Advice

Traveling the world to ride and film, Chase never leaves home without three special things.
Mountain biker Aaron Chase does a fufanu on a ski chalet.
Red Bull Snow Cranks 2013: Aaron Chase fufanu © Brian Nevins/Red Bull Content Pool
By Scott Hart

With years of globetrotting experience, Aaron Chase knows how to get around, pass time in an international airport and even how to handle a situation like when six armed police officers boarded the plane he was on...

Read on to get the travel preferences from this preferential traveler.

Red Bull Bike: What’s your local airport?

Aaron Chase: Newark International Airport.

Total number of frequent flyer miles you have?

Currently 190,000 in the bank.

Have you ever cashed any in for anything?

I always cash them in and take the family on vacation each year.

What countries have you flown to?

Oh man, there is no way I can list them all, but some of the standouts are: Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Chile, Peru, Mexico and pretty much every country in Europe. Oh and, of course, Canada!

What’s your favorite place you’ve flown to so far?

South America is pretty rad! (Watch the video above for proof)

Have you brought any souvenirs back from any of those countries?

I'm not huge on shopping, but I brought some cool stuff back from Peru last year. I got my kid's nanny an alpaca blanket for her birthday.

six police officers boarded the plane and grabbed a guy in the seat just ahead of me

What’s a place you still want to go?

I would love to go back to Asia and somewhere in Africa -- maybe South Africa for a film shoot.

Mountain biker Aaron Chase at Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross 2013.
Aaron Chase: MTB icon and world traveler. © Matt Stanley/Red Bull Content Pool

Do you have a favorite airport?

Any airport that has a United Presidential Club. I pony up the $400/year so I can have free snacks and Wi-Fi.

Have you ever flown first class?

Yes, I get upgraded from time to time. I flew first class on Virgin back from the UK after I broke my back and my wife actually got a massage on the plane. It was insane!

Do you prefer aisle or window?

Window. On red eyes, I travel with a full-size pillow and I nestle right into the wall and try to sleep most of the flight.

Peanuts or pretzels?


How do you kill time on the plane?

Usually, I try to sort footage and photos or maybe lay down an edit. Otherwise, it’s a Nyquil to dreamland for me.

Do you do anything different to kill time on long layovers?

When I had an overnight layover in Germany, I opened my bike box and used the foam packing as a bed. But I'll usually try to find a good place to eat.

Any things besides I.D./passport that you always make sure you have with you when you fly?

A full-size pillow, an eye mask and ear plugs.

© Red Bull Content Pool

If you had to give one piece of travel advice, what would it be?

Do some research before going to a country and be respectful of the culture. Try to learn a few words of the language and take in where you are. There are some pretty amazing places in this world.

Has anything scary, funny or weird happened on any of your flights?

Just as we were getting on the plane leaving Newark, six police officers boarded the plane and grabbed a guy in the seat just ahead of me. I asked one of the officers and he said, “He is not welcome in the USA.” [laughs]

Have you ever missed a flight?

Yes, who hasn't? But surprisingly for as much as I fly, I really have only missed maybe five flights in 15 years.

What would make flying better or easier for you?

Bigger travel budgets, so I can just buy first class tickets every time and don't have to try to sneak my bike on! [laughs]

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