Art and Passion in Motion: Building BMX Dirt Jumps

New Zealand BMX riders show that skill and creativity goes into both building and riding dirt jumps.
By Kevin McAvoy

Dirt jumps are the foundation of BMX riding. It's where it all began, with kids sculpting crude take-offs just to get a taste of almighty airtime. That tradition has carried on, only now riders are digging deep in the woods and creating intricate and beautiful trails on a mammoth scale.

As you can see in the video above, it doesn't matter if it's in BMX hotspots in the U.S. like Pennsylvania or Austin, Texas, or if it's halfway across the world in New Zealand -- the passion for dirt riding is strong everywhere.

Countless hours go into the creation of trail spots; it's hard work, often under the constant threat of someone taking notice and deciding they're a nuisance, only deserving to be plowed. The payoff is grand, however; the feeling of floating through the jumps you've built is unmatched.

The trails can also evolve as your skills evolve, providing a home for you and your friends to share in the good times, all while motivating you to push for more.

Here's to spots like the PMP trails above; may they live on and inspire new generations of builders and riders. Grab a shovel and make it happen!

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