Firsts and Lasts with Rampage Champ Kyle Strait

Born with a champion's if-you-ain’t-first-you’re-last mentality, Strait is always in it to win it.
Mountain bike rider Kyle Strait drops from the top of the Oakley Icon Sender at Red Bull Rampage 2013
Kyle Strait, suicide no-hander off the Sender © John Gibson/Red Bull Content Pool
By Scott Hart

Most rational-thinking people scoff at the hyper competitive athlete's if-you-ain’t-first-you’re-last attitude; it seems irrational. Because, after all, you can be second, third, or hell, you could even be fourth...

But Kyle Strait is not a rational-thinking kind of guy -- as his double Rampage wins clearly indicate.

The day he wobbled down the driveway without the need of training wheels on his first BMX bike, Kyle serendipitously began down the path to his lastest victory out in Utah and the legendary status he's accrued since winning his first pro contest at age 13.

Read on to learn about the first trick Kyle learned, his last fight, first sponsor and the last good advice he heard...


FIRST bike: A 16” Murray.

FIRST event: A kids’ race at Snow Summit in 1997.

FIRST event win: 2001 Sea Otter jump comp. I was 13.

FIRST broken bone: My left knee cap.

FIRST thought of the day: Man, I should get up.

FIRST thing you eat in the morning: An acai berry smoothie.

FIRST mobile phone: I forget the model, but pretty sure everyone knows what I'm talking about when I say the Nokia "Brick.”

FIRST thing that got you into riding: Competitions with the neighbor kids to see who could jump further.

FIRST, chicken or egg: Duh, the rooster.

FIRST dirt jump spot: A spot a friend of mine had in Redlands, California.

FIRST bike park visit: Snow Summit at Big Bear Lake.

FIRST trick you learned: The kowabunga no-footer.

FIRST sponsor: ODI Grips.

FIRST car: A 1996 Toyota 4-Runner. It was two-wheel drive, which makes no sense.

FIRST concert: Iron Maiden.

FIRST international trip: Whistler, Canada. Oakley took me on a road trip when I was 14 to what we now know as Crankworx.

FIRST app used on your phone in the morning: Tide Chart. I fish a lot.

FIRST Website visited when you sit at a computer:

FIRST thing you grab if your house catches fire: My ol’ lady Rachel and my dog Frank.

FIRST in a mountain bike race between John Tomac and Eli Tomac: Johnny T for sure -- he is the man. The kid is pretty good, too, but if it's on a MTB he has no chance.

FIRST in a long distance jump-off, Bobby Root versus Josh Bender: Depends if there is a landing or not. Probably Bender.


LAST accomplishment: Winning the Rampage twice.

LAST time you were really stoked on riding: Two days ago. Smashed this flat corner so hard.

LAST fight: GTA 5 two weeks ago.

LAST bike build: GT Fury.

LAST trip without your bike: I went to NYC to go on TV with Al Roker for the Weather Channel.

LAST place someone would find you: In a gastropub.

LAST good advice you heard: Let it ride...

LAST time you thought you were going to die: That’s not something I think about.

LAST run-in with the law: I brought a bag of beef jerky across the border into Canada and they were going to try and fine me.

LAST bike video you watched: 2Six Gitsum. Look it up.

LAST time you rode home on a flat tire: About a month ago on my beach cruiser. We got three on that Sunday-fun-day.

LAST purchase: It was on Amazon -- some lights for my boat, a scale and some pliers.

LAST person to inspire you: Anyone in Hollywood.

LAST dumb idea you had: Trying to get my lure unstuck from a bush by yanking back from the center of my rod, which in turn snapped it. It was two days old.

LAST thing that annoyed you: Paying $12.50 for a movie ticket.

LAST good read: (Editor's note: this portion intentionally left blank)

LAST bill you paid: Internet bill.

LAST song you listened to: Hank Williams Jr’s “All my Rowdy Friends.”

LAST thing you learned: How to sew.

LAST thing that made you laugh: Farts.

LAST thing you broke: My fishing rod.

LAST person you hugged or high-fived: Palm.

LAST phone call: Colin Bailey.

LAST Tweet: Something about paying attention. I don't know I wasn't really listening.

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