Epic California Roadtrip for Polish Bike Brothers

Bartek Woliński scores some amazing photos of Dawid and Szymon Godziek's California vacation.
By Kevin McAvoy

Seeking a break from the winter weather in their native Poland, Dawid and Szymon Godziek headed to sunny California recently to see the sights and get some riding sessions in at a few famous spots.

Along with photographer Bartek Woliński, the crew hit Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and San Francisco first, before heading to the ramp-riding mecca of Woodward West. Check below for the photos they got on the first part of the trip, and look for part two soon...

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California dreaming
Dawid and Szymon Godziek in a Ford Mustang in LA
California dreaming Exhausted after a long flight from Poland, Dawid and Szymon checked into the hotel and then rented a Ford Mustang for a look around Los Angeles. © Bartek Wolinski
Flipping mental
The Godziek brothers get the tricks started on the beach in California
Flipping mental The boys get the tricks started before they even unpack the bikes. © Bartek Wolinski
Boys zone
Dawid and Szymon Godziek's camper van for their Californian road trip
Boys zone The Mustang was soon swapped for a camper van. The sleeping arrangements in the camper were cramped but it didn't bother the guys. © Bartek Wolinski
Flat spin invert
Dawid and Szymon Godziek ride George and Cam McCaul's step-up in Scotts Valley
Flat spin invert Dawid and Szymon made their way to Santa Cruz after leaving Los Angeles. Thanks to the help of Ray George and Cam McCaul, the Godzieks had an opportunity to ride their step-up, hidden up in Scotts Valley. © Bartek Wolinski
Dawid spins one
Polish BMX rider Dawid Godziek spins a 360 in Scotts Valley, Calfornia
Dawid spins one Dawid Godziek spins a 360 can-can seatgrab. © Bartek Wolinski
Szymon's 360 downside whip
Szymon Godziek nails a 360 downside whip in Scotts Valley, California
Szymon's 360 downside whip Szymon has one of the best 360 downside whips on the whole slopestyle scene - here it is over the step up. © Bartek Wolinski
The sculptor
The Godzieks get to work on the Post Office trails in Aptos, California
The sculptor After loosening up at Cam’s step-up, the infamous Post Office trails in Aptos beckoned. Dawid gets to work in the golden Cali sunshine. © Bartek Wolinski
Throwin' barspins
The Godzieks throwin' barspins at the Post Office trails in Aptos, California
Throwin' barspins Built over a decade ago by local riders, the Post Office jumps are located on scrub land opposite the Aptos Post Office. There were six dirt jumps initially on the site but over the years more have been added. © Bartek Wolinski
Dawid's superman at sunset
Polish BMX rider Dawid Godziek does a superman in Aptos, Calfornia
Dawid's superman at sunset The brothers Godziek tread a well-worn path at the Post Office jumps. Over the years these trails have helped develop the talents of Cam and Tyler McCaul as well as Greg Watts. © Bartek Wolinski
Classic style
Szymon Godziek dumps a 360 at Aptos.
Classic style Szymon dumps a meaty 360. © Bartek Wolinski
Tuck no-hander
Dawid Godziek stretches out a massive tuck no-hander at Aptos
Tuck no-hander Dawid stretches out a massive tuck no-hander. Sadly the trails will be levelled some time later this year to make way for a commercial development. © Bartek Wolinski
When all is said and done
Dawid Godziek BMX whip at sunset in Aptos, California
When all is said and done Dawid whips it as the sun finally sets on Aptos. © Bartek Wolinski
Cali tailwhip
Dawid Godziek BMX tailwhip at a skatepark in Santa Cruz county
Cali tailwhip Before leaving Santa Cruz county to drive to San Francisco, Syzmon and Dawid got in a quick session at a local skatepark. © Bartek Wolinski
Dawid boosts a clicked eurotable in an Aptos, California, skatepark
Eurovision Dawid boosts a clicked eurotable in the park. © Bartek Wolinski
Plain sailing
Szymon Godziek rides a table in Aptos, California
Plain sailing Sometimes a clean and clicked table is all you need. © Bartek Wolinski
Table in the sun
Table in the sun Szymon pops a table in the park. © Bartek Wolinski
Trailer park boys
The Godzieks Camper Van at night
Trailer park boys Late nights relaxing in the camper. © Bartek Wolinski
Untamed undergrowth
An overview of the San Francisco skyline
Untamed undergrowth San Francisco is the 14th most populous city in the United States. In 1906, three quarters of the city was destroyed by a major earthquake and fire but was quickly rebuilt. © Bartek Wolinski
Bike riding Godziek brothers from Poland cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Reflections The Golden Gate bridge is probably the most internationally recognized symbol of San Fransisco. The three-mile-long suspension bridge links the city to Marin County. Opened in 1937, the span of the bridge is 4,200 feet. © Bartek Wolinski
The City by the Bay
Szymon and Dawid Godziek at San Francisco Bay with Alcatraz Island in the distance
The City by the Bay The boys took the ferry across San Francisco Bay to visit the famous Alcatraz Prison. The legendary Escape from Alcatraz triathlon is regularly held in the waters. © Bartek Wolinski
Visiting hours
Dawid and Szymon visit Alcatraz Prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco
Visiting hours Dawid and Szymon did a three hour tour of the Island and the prison. The prison has held the likes of Al Capone and Robert Franklin Stroud (the ‘Birdman of Alcatraz’) since it opened in 1934. During the 29 years of the prison's existence, 14 escape attempts were made. © Bartek Wolinski
Cruising the streets
Cruising the streets © Bartek Wolinski
Sights of San Fran
Street life in San Francisco during Dawid and Szymon Godziek's roadtrip
Sights of San Fran © Bartek Wolinski
Hill Bombing
Dawid and Syzmon Godziek go for a ride on San Francisco's streets
Hill Bombing The guys relaxed in the evening by cruising some of the city's iconic hilly streets. © Bartek Wolinski
Up on the roof
Dawid and Szymon Godziek in the hills surrounding San Francisco
Up on the roof After cruising around the city, the whole crew drove to the hills surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge. © Bartek Wolinski
Golden glow
The Godzieks watch the Sunset over San Francisco
Golden glow Watching the sun go down over San Francisco was one of the highlights of this trip so far. © Bartek Wolinski
On the road to Woodward
Dawid Godziek drives the camper van on to Woodward West
On the road to Woodward Next stop Woodward West. Check back to redbull.com/bike for the next installment of the Godzieks' epic adventure. © Bartek Wolinski
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