Paris Is My Playground: Street trials video

Fabio Wibmer takes his trials bike to the most famous landmarks of Paris.
© David Robinson
By Ric McLaughlin

‘Paris Is My Playground’ is the latest project from the guys at Director Arne Totz and producer Tobias Bucher used the last days of summer 2013 to take a trip to Paris with trial biker Fabio Wibmer, camera operator Adrian Kuchenreuther and photographer David Robinson.

Fabio Wibmer, the 18 year old team-mate of Danny MacAskill’s at Inspired Bicycles, is a young street trial athlete from East Tyrol in Austria. As a kid he spent most of his time on a bike, which is when he discovered a special love for trials. 

In order to improve as an athlete, Fabio is training almost every day on his home ground, but the possibilities back home can be limited. As he wants to keep improving further, Fabio seeks out new challenges and new places to ride. One place in particular is fascinating for him – Paris.

Through its variety of exciting and diverse architecture, Paris offers a perfect mix of new spots, new experiences, breath-taking locations and unique possibilities combined with a bit of gallic flair! At the end of the summer, Fabio and the team from set out to explore the French metropolis, searching for the perfect shot.

© David Robinson

This was Fabio's first trip to Paris and the short behind-the-scenes clip above shows how he experienced the city; shooting from seven in the morning until 10 at night and overcoming all the challenges that accompany a shoot in a big city. From angry security guards and cheering crowds of pedestrians to injuries, crashes and flat tyres – Fabio talks us through the problems that he, the film crew and photographer David Robinson experienced.

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