MTB Rider Tyler McCaul: Addicted to Buffalo Wings?

Although the traditional hot wing lover would never consider the blasphemous "boneless" wing...
Mountain biker Tyler McCaul at Red Bull Rampage 2013.
The Rider's Rider © Margus Riga/Red Bull Bike
By Scott Hart

Beyond his fondness of hot wings, Tyler McCaul has a favorite thing in his house and a favorite indulgence to spend money on that may very well be the same thing.

Read on to learn more of TMac's preferences -- like where he enjoys visiting and who he'd like to take with him.

Favorite movie: My favorite movie as of recently is Wolf of Wall Street -- it blew my mind.

Favorite book: 'Holes' is honestly one of the only books I’ve ever read. And it was in the fifth grade. I’ve decided I need to read more, so I’m reading a book right now that my brother gave me called 'Mind Gym.' I need a better, less embarrassing answer than 'Holes' next time someone asks me this question, so I’m going to try my best to finish this one!

Favorite TV show: Eastbound and Down. KP for president.

Favorite magazine: Haven’t picked up a magazine in a while, to be honest. I’d probably turn illiterate, if it weren’t for this handful of questionnaires I fill out every now and then!

Favorite song or artist: Right now my favorite band would probably be The Black Angels, but that changes all the time. I like to discover new music and I get bored of anything if I listen to it for too long. All time favorite that I never get tired of, though, would have to be Nirvana.

Favorite animal: Anglerfish. It’d be rad to have a pet one someday. People think they’re ugly but I think they’re sweet.

My favorite thing about my life is that I’m able to do what I love every day.

Favorite color: Black.

Favorite holiday: My favorite holiday is, and always will be, the 4th of July. It’s pretty rare these days that I’m home for the 4th -- I seem to be in Europe more often than not. Hopefully I get to be in the good ‘ol USA for it this time around…

Favorite tech gadget: Probably my MacBook Pro that I’m typing this on. I spend a lotta time on this thing answering emails and editing videos.

Favorite thing to eat: Buffalo wings from Chili's. Regular wings -- real men don't eat boneless wings. I effin love Chili's.

Favorite place to be: My favorite place to be is home. I tend to travel a lot for riding -- which is awesome, don’t get me wrong -- but there’s nothing like getting home to Santa Cruz. I’ve got practically everything I need here. Favorite place to travel to is BC. Always good times up there.

Being naked is sweet.

Favorite way to indulge or treat/reward yourself: I like to reward myself by going to Chili's!

Favorite times to get up/go to bed: Been trying to go to bed early and wake up early lately. My friends make fun of me for it, but it’s crazy how much you can get done if you wake up early.

Favorite thing to spend money on: Favorite thing to spend money on? Buffalo wings at Chili's, duh.

Favorite thing to wear: Nothing. Being naked is sweet.

Favorite thing to do in your free time: Pretty much all I do in my free time is ride or dig. Any time I’m not doing either of those two things, I get antsy.

Favorite thing about your sport: The places that it takes me. I know I said there’s no place like home -- but I’m super fortunate to be able to travel to ride my bike and I don’t forget it. My mom wasn’t the most stoked when I decided not to go to college, but I honestly feel that I learn more by being able to travel the world.

Favorite sport other than your own: I like fishing. Well, actually, I like catching… the fishing part can be boring sometimes.

Favorite celebrity: Johnny Knoxville. I’d be stoked to hang out with him some day.

Favorite people to ride with: All my friends from home. We always have good sessions together. Other than that I always enjoy riding with Andreu Lacondeguy and Brett Rheeder.

Favorite thing in your house or apartment: My refrigerator, especially when there are leftover Buffalo wings in there.

Favorite thing about your life: My favorite thing about my life is that I’m able to do what I love every day. I swear I feel like I cheated the system or something. I’m super fortunate to be able to ride my bike for a living.

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