Vans BMX Team Stacks Street Clips on Tour of Chile

See some South American street shredding in the latest video from the wizards of the waffle sole.
© Coco Zurita/Red Bull
By Coco Zurita

The Vans BMX team recently headed south to explore the street riding possibilities on the coast of Chile, and our own Francisco “Coco” Zurita -- a native of Santiago -- sent us the photos below to accompany the video above. We’ll let him tell you more about the trip:

Vans took nine gnarly street riders on a filming mission in the wild streets in and around Santiago, Chile, one of the most diverse and developed cities in South America. As soon as we arrived we hosted a big event at a park called Araucano Bike Park in Santiago -- my home park. We held a pro contest with the winner scoring a week up at Woodward West Camp.

The locals were on fire -- they had never seen that many pro riders together...

We gathered about 3,000 people at that event; it was insane. The locals were on fire -- they had never seen that many pro riders together, and came from all parts of the country just to see the Vans team do a quick demo and judge the main event. We also visited a local school called Antartica Chilena, with about 1,000 students going crazy about skipping classes to watch us ride for a little while.

Once those first two stops were done, we went down to the city to tour some of the OG streets spots. It was a bit hard having too many people around on a normal downtown day, but the weekend came with a nice holiday as well, and that gave us the room to film and also take a trip out to the coast.

Viña del Mar is the closest section of coast to Santiago; it’s a beautiful scene, with great riding and amazing food. We couldn't have asked for anything else, and after taking in a bit of tourism, the rest was in our hands -- seek and destroy the spots.

We hit an average of three spots a day; sometimes we got stuck for hours and hours on one spot. Some of the guys were a bit stressed out because of the rain trying to ruin our game, but luckily we made it through and came out with some amazing clips.

Everyone stayed healthy, we tried different food, met some crazy locals, rode some wild places and my teammates got to experience the culture from the other side of the world, where I’m from. Mission accomplished.

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