POV: Semenuk Rides 2014 Red Bull Joyride Course

Filmed in one take, watch Brandon Semenuk test the course to ensure everything’s in top shape.
By Geoff Padmore and Seetoh Lang

With Red Bull Joyride just days away, Brandon Semenuk under the guidance of Darren Berrecloth tested the course from top to bottom earlier this month to work out any kinks and ensure the course’s safety.

The course worked properly right out of the gate this year... Usually we have to come in and tweak a bunch of stuff

Berrecloth was originally slated to test the track, but a nagging toe injury prevented his ride. Filmed in one take on one run, both Brandon and Darren gave the course the seal of approval.

"The course worked properly right out of the gate this year, which is awesome," said Berrecloth. "Usually we have to come in and tweak a bunch of stuff, but the builders did a great job and got it all on the first try."

Red Bull Joyride 2014 POV
Red Bull Joyride 2014 POV © Red Bull Canada

Each year feedback is collected from athletes about the course to improve it in following years. The result is a design directly influenced by the riders themselves. In 2012, riders felt the track was too fast which ushered in a course redesign in 2013 that moved more laterally across the hill to improve flow and reduce speed.

The sentiment for 2014 was a need to go even bigger than ever. Focusing on flow and amplitude, the supersized features are some of the biggest in the history of the event. Riders agree that while bigger, the new design is safer with more opportunity to check speed as they prepare for jumps.

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