Battle of Bike Skills at New York Pump Track Race

Victor Behm clinches another Red Bull Berm Burners win, this time in Windham, New York.
Red Bull Berm Burners Dirt BMX/MTB Course in New York
Joe Burkell rails the berm © Lukas Pilz/Red Bull
By Derreck Delk

Nestled amid the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup festivities in Windham, New York, last weekend was a unique, bermed pump track, host to cyclists of all disciplines for the latest Red Bull Berm Burners event. After a timed qualifying round, riders battled head-to-head in a bracketed, single-elimination format until only one remained: BMX racer Victor Behm persevered to be crowned Red Bull Berm Burners Champion, just as he had at the previous event in Virginia.

Behm edged out dirt jumper Joe Hayle for the crown, leaving him in second place. Mountain bike rider Dylan Conte finished third to round out the podium. The one-of-a-kind track was built to test riders’ core abilities and technical skills, and proved to be a challenge for many.

Red Bull Berm Burners Dirt BMX/MTB Course in New York
Victor Behm in the rollers © Lukas Pilz/Red Bull

“It’s all about the technical skills you learn when you first start riding, your turn style, and using the pump to your advantage,” said Behm on the riding principles that helped him take home the crown. “The competition today was intense and in the end it all just came down to skill and endurance on the course.”

Red Bull Berm Burners Dirt BMX/MTB Course in New York
Overview of the Red Bull Berm Burners course © Lukas Pilz/Red Bull

Though BMX riders did find a speed advantage, riders of other disciplines said they discovered an advantage in stability on the dirt. “I found it was critical to be solid on the bike through those tight rollers,” said second-place finisher Hayle, “but Victor’s speed through the berms just couldn’t be matched. It was just great to see how this event brought all types of riders out to compete on the same track, and seeing three different styles of bikes take the top spots.”

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