Road to Rampage 2014: Meet the New Cast of Riders

Kyle Strait, Tom van Steenbergen, and Andreu Lacondeguy set out to conquer Red Bull Rampage.
© Ian Hylands/Red Bull Content Pool
By Scott Hart

It's a new season, a new venue, and a new cast of athletes for this year's 'Road To Rampage' series. Follow along on a global journey deep into the lives of three of the sport's most gifted athletes -- Kyle Strait, Tom van Steenbergen, and Andreu Lacondeguy -- as they set out to conquer mountain biking's most prestigious contest, Red Bull Rampage.

Whether the goal is to defend a title like Strait, make finals for the first time like van Steenbergen, or try to finish better than fourth place (as Lacondeguy has done in his three previous Rampage events), each athlete will have to survive the entire season before they can stand in the Rampage start gate at the end of September.

"People have asked me, 'Are you trying to three-peat?' and I look at them kind of funny most of the time," says two-time Rampage champion Kyle Strait before he quickly and confidently adds, "Well, what am I doing here if I'm not trying to win? It doesn't make sense, does it?"

Last season, only one of three 'Road To Rampage' athletes was able to stay healthy and compete in Rampage finals. How will this year's riders do? Find out by watching new episodes of 'Road to Rampage' every other Thursday.

Don't miss the live webcast of Red Bull Rampage finals on September 28 at 12:30 p.m. MT -- find all the event details and more at

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