#tbt: Garrett Reynolds on Filming the Fiend Video

Garrett’s company, Fiend, dropped a mind-blowing BMX promo a while back; find out more about it now.
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By Kevin Conners

The “Fiending” promo wasn’t some well-thought-out, grand scheme of a plan; it happened in typical fashion for the Fiend crew, just a natural evolution. As we all sat in a hotel in downtown Philly looking over what JJ Palmere and filmer Tony Ennis had filmed together for an upcoming edit, everyone got so stoked on seeing fresh JJ footage that someone spoke up (probably Ty Morrow) and suggested a group project.

It wasn’t clear exactly what it would be, from the name to whether it would be a DVD or a web edit. We just knew that Tony was at the helm and when he said it was done, it was done. Watch the video above and check out some photos taken during filming below, and read on to get Garrett’s view of the project.

So what’s with the name, Fiending?

Garrett Reynolds: Fiending has multiple meanings, just like the company name Fiend has multiple meanings. To me, fiending has to do with just wanting something really badly, like a really hard trick, or to find the perfect spot for a trick you've been thinking of, or when you’re hurt and you can’t ride and you miss it.

How did filming for Fiending differ from filming for other projects, like the Deadline video?

In the beginning we didn't know what we were doing; we did that Philly trip and about halfway through everyone was starting to collect some footage. We wanted to try to do some kind of promotional video rather than work on individual edits, but the biggest difference between those was the amount of time involved.

Does it ever get rough spending day in and day out with some of your best friends while working hard on projects like this and others for Fiend?

The hardest part is bringing what everyone wants to the plate. Everyone has their own style for everything, from their riding to the way they dress to their sleep schedule, so things can get pulled all different ways. What spot do we want to go to? What music is going in the video? It can get tough, but my friends involved are the only reason Fiend has been successful so I wouldn't change anything. Also thanks to all the riders, shops, and distros supporting us -- you know who you are.

BMX Rider Garrett Reynolds Films for Fiend Bike Company
Nighttime tooth hanger to 180 © Kevin Conners/Red Bull

Did the riders pick the music for their own parts, or was that all up to Tony?

Everyone involved with our crew is more than welcome to help throw ideas around. I get really psyched when people have a song they want to ride to, but when they don't, Tony and I usually go back and forth talking about what someone’s part would look like to certain songs or about how he could edit to a certain song. Tony and I like a lot of the same music so we usually find a lot of new music while working on projects.

What made you guys ultimately decide between web video or full-blown DVD for Fiending?

It’s a little short and that’s most of the footage we had so we couldn't do much more with it, like an intro/outro type thing. I really wanted to have the riders be able to see it on a TV to get a better viewing experience, but with all the time and extra stuff that goes into the DVD process we just decided to drop it online. I still appreciate something you can hold in your hand but the Internet is killing all of that, making sure humans have more room in their homes.

Any plans for a full Fiend DVD in the future?

Most of our riders have obligations they are working on with other sponsors so no plans as of right now.

Do you feel like we’re at a point where web projects are getting more important?

It’s hard to say. I truly believe that BMX was oversaturated with web videos for a while and that’s why I grew to dislike them. But I think if presented properly with good riding anything is tight. Of course my heart lies with DVD because it’s the full package, just as an album is tighter than just one song released by an artist you’re into. I think more companies and riders would be into doing web projects and take them more seriously if things were more filtered on the web.

You drive the Fiend van like it’s your job, and the spot searching never seems to stop. Do you just love that thing or what?

Nah, but it’s way cheaper to drive around than my Audi and it’s a beater so whatever happens to it is chill. Finding new spots is one of the best ways to stay psyched on riding, at least for me, and I’m lucky to have friends who are all funny so when we’re traveling around we’re usually laughing and making jokes so there aren’t many dull moments.

Colin Varanyak recently turned pro for Fiend when the video dropped; was that something you had planned or was it a surprise for him?

We wanted to do it in a legit way, and the kid is so gnarly -- he busted his ass making this part and his Deadline part, so it just seemed like everything had aligned at the right time and it was an easy decision.

Was it a relief to get the video finished and released?

It’s always good to be done but it’s riding -- it’s never over. My day-to-day hasn't changed much.

So what else have you been up to?

Now that Fiending is out I’ll be trying to wrap up my Cinema part. Other than that I have some contests coming up so it will be tight to get to kick it with all the homes I don't get to see often.

That’s two video parts in the same year; does that get hard with all the contests and other obligations?

It can, but it’s dope to get to travel to cool places, see your friends and get to work with the best filmers so closely on projects. As hectic as it gets, in the end it’s always worth it and I’m lucky to have the chance to get to do these things with good friends.

You recently purchased your first house; that has to feel good.

Yeah, I officially own a spot in San Diego and I’m psyched! I’ve been doing a lot of DIY changes to the place to make it my own. I’ve been in SD for around four years now and I really like it here so I figured it was about time to start looking. I found a house that had some property, which is hard to find so I worked out a deal and now my dog’s got a place to play, hopefully along with myself in the future…

I’ve heard you mention on a few occasions that you’d love to have a place with some sort of plaza; is that in the works or just a hopeful dream?

Yeah, it’s always been a dream to have my own place to ride. Most of the reason I got the place I did was because of the property, so sometime in the future I’ll have something going. I’m psyched, it’s going to be sick.

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