Red Bull Rampage 2014 Qualifier Results

Graham Agassiz overcomes weather delays and crushes his second run to qualify in first place.
Red Bull Rampage 2014 MTB Event | Qualifying Podium
Top Three (L-R): Rheeder, Agassiz, van Steenbergen © Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool
By Kevin McAvoy

The Red Bull Rampage qualifying round got underway on Friday, September 26 with an elite group of the world's most talented mountain bike riders showcasing their skills on the unique lines they built in the week leading up to the event. Everyone took their first runs down the mountain in the morning, but rain moved into the venue during the second set of runs after only a handful of riders had been able to drop.

The rain intensified, and once lightning was visible in the area the event was postponed for the day. Then thunderstorms pummeled the whole region throughout most of Saturday, and everyone wondered if their building efforts had been washed away. Whether or not the event could resume was on everyone's minds as well.

Fortunately, the weather began to calm down on Saturday night, and organizers were able to re-open the venue on Sunday to finish off the remaining qualifying runs.

Everyone's favorite rider, Graham Agassiz, had crashed in his first run on Friday attempting a massive drop at the top of his run for the first time. He stuck his second attempt on Sunday, blasted the upper ridgeline hip, landed another huge drop and somehow rode out of a gigantic flip deep into the landing of the Polaris RZR booter, shooting straight into the top qualifying spot.

Check out results from qualifying below; the top 10 finishers will meet the 10 pre-qualified riders on Monday for the final (subject to change due to weather). Schedule info for the final will be released on Sunday night.

Qualifying Results

1. Graham Agassiz
Brett Rheeder
Tom van Steenbergen
4. Jeff Herbertson
5. Paul Basagoitia
Szymon Godziek
7. Kyle Norbraten
8. Louis Reboul
9. Carson Storch
10. Geoff Gulevich

11. Mitch Chubey
12. Bernard Kerr
13. Ryan Howard
14. James Doerfling
15. Makken Haugen
16. Mitch Ropelato
17. Kyle Jameson
18. Wil White
19. Mike Hopkins
20. Yannick Granieri
21. Nick Rogatkin
22. Robbie Bourdon
23. Chris Van Dine

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Watch Monday's webcast at starting at 1:00 p.m. MT (subject to change due to weather) as well as on Red Bull TV through its iOS and Android applications, and on Apple TV, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Samsung Smart TVs.

Previous Weather Updates Below:

UPDATE [Saturday, 9:45 a.m. MT]: Heavy rains are currently blanketing the area. Hold status continues.

UPDATE [Saturday, 3:45 p.m. MT]: Due to heavy rains and thunderstorms at the event site, the Red Bull Rampage schedule is changing to ensure the best conditions for competition. Most notably, the finals will be delayed and the event site will not be open to the public on 9/28/14. Tickets will still be honored for the Finals (revised schedule will be announced shortly). We appreciate your patience. The live stream will also be delayed. Date and time TBD.

UPDATE [Saturday, 8:00 p.m. MT]: Finals are currently scheduled for Monday, Sept. 29 (subject to change due to weather). Tickets will be honored for Monday. Schedule info will be released Sunday night. The web stream will also occur on Monday, subject to change due to weather or other factors outside of Red Bull’s control.

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