Cam Zink's 2nd Place Run at Red Bull Rampage 2014

Always a showstopper, Zink's silver medal run includes the biggest 360 drop of Rampage 2014.
By Mike Berard

Similar to last year, Cam Zink’s performance at Red Bull Rampage 2014 will most likely be remembered solely for one specific, awe-inspiring trick.

In 2013, it was backflipping the Oakley Sender. In 2010, it was the huge 360 his peers voted “Best Rampage Moment Ever.”

This year, Zink spun a perfect three off a big drop – it’s fair to say it’s one of the largest 360 drops ever done on a mountain bike. Add in a steep, intimidating entrance off the start ridgeline, another sizeable drop in exposed terrain and a stylish whip off the Polaris RZR moto booter, and you’ve got a second place run at Rampage 2014 (see Cam's POV here).

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