Best Rampage Tricks of All Time

Spin, flip, huck and chuck — see the biggest tricks in the history of Red Bull Rampage.
Red Bull Rampage 2008: Graham Agassiz © John Gibson/Red Bull Content Pool
By Mike Berard

On Oct. 16, the 10th edition of Red Bull Rampage will take flight — and so will the best riders in the world. Take a look back at some of the biggest, scariest and downright craziest tricks thrown down in the desert. 

What's your favorite trick?

• Cam Zink: 360 off Oakley Icon Sender, 2010

• Kelly McGarry: Canyon Gap Backflip, 2013

• Cam Zink: 360 Drop, 2014

• Kyle Strait: Suicide No-Hander, 2013

Watch the best Rampage tricks ever in the video below:

What insane tricks will the 10th edition of Rampage bring? Be sure to watch finals LIVE on Red Bull TV on Oct. 16, 2015, to find out.

Can’t wait to get your gut-wrenching, nail-biting freeride fix? Head over to the official Red Bull Rampage event page to see highlights of the first nine competitions, as well as more exclusive videos, photos and stories:

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