That Time I Got Struck by Lightning at Rampage

Randy Spangler recounts being struck by lightning not once, but twice, at Red Bull Rampage.
By Mike Berard

Get ready for the funniest Red Bull Rampage story you'll see this year, or maybe ever. Randy Spangler is a Rampage veteran of the highest pedigree — not only has he attended every Rampage event, he also competed in the first few events and now serves on both the official build team as well as the judging panel. It's safe to say that few know the mountain as intimately as Spangler does.

Watch the video above to hear an electrifying tale from the way-back machine involving Spangler getting hit by lightning on-site at Rampage — twice. 

I'm holding a pick in one hand and shovel in the other. All of a sudden Chris Van Dine yells, 'Spangler, you're blue! You're blue!'

Will Spangler make it a hat trick at Rampage's 10th edition? Be sure to watch the finals LIVE on Red Bull TV on Oct. 16 to find out.

UPDATE: Due to heavy rains and thunderstorms expected in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, the Red Bull Rampage schedule has changed in order to ensure the best and safest possible conditions for both competitors and spectators.

Can’t wait for the best event in freeride mountain biking? Head over to the official Red Bull Rampage event page to see highlights of the first nine competitions, as well as more exclusive videos, photos and stories, like these.


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