Red Bull Rampage 2015 Qualifying Highlights Video

From Sam Reynolds' superman to Tyler McCaul's massive drop, these are the best hits of qualifying.
By Mike Berard

VIRGIN, Utah — We'll keep this one short; you just want to see the best action anyway, right? Red Bull Rampage qualifiers went off on Thursday, and it was an incredible showing of what's possible on a bike. Watch the video above for the best bits of the top riders' runs.

You can find the results below. Don't forget to tune in Friday for finals — it's going to be rowdy.

Red Bull Rampage 2015: Qualifier results

(Top 11 move on to final)

1. Graham Agassiz
2. Antoine Bizet
3. Tyler McCaul
4. Logan Binggeli
5. Darren Berrecloth
6. Pierre-Edouard Ferry
7. Thomas Genon
8. Rémy Métailler
9. Ryan Howard
10. Sam Reynolds
11. Bas van Steenbergen

12. Conor MacFarlane
13. Brendan Howey
14. Kyle Jameson
15. Bernard Kerr
16. Louis Reboul
17. Nic Pescetto
18. James Doerfling
19. Reece Wallace
20. Anthony Messere
21. Wil White
22. Nicholi Rogatkin
23. Tomas Zejda

What craziness will the finals bring? Watch Red Bull Rampage finals LIVE on Red Bull TV on Oct. 16. (NOTE: The original live broadcast date of Oct. 17 was changed due to weather concerns.) Watch the Spanish broadcast here.

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