POV: See Mountain Biker Try Ski Hill Run

It only takes 15 seconds to find out what a fat bike can do on a snowy, steep chute.
By Scott Hart

"I first dropped this chute [on a traditional mountain bike] in 1994," says freeride mountain bike pioneer Wade Simmons as he radios for fellow rider Geoff Gulevich to drop in. "And now, here we are 20 years later trying to fat bike it [in the snow]."

Watch the POV video below

Over the last 12 months, the new "fat bike" category of mountain bikes have emerged and captured the curiosity of riders around the globe. Using wider than average tire sizes — traditional MTB tires max out around 2.8" wide, while fat bikes can be 5" wide — make previously-unpassable terrain, like snow or sand, a lot more possible on a fat bike.


Fueled by the same curiosity that leads every rider into the forest for the first time, and maybe by a little bit of winter boredom, now mountain bikers everywhere are exploring what these new fat bikes are capable of...

"Fat biking isn't the only way to spend your winter," says Aaron Chase, who resides at the base of this mountain, "But, depending on where you live, it could be something to save your winter — and keep your sanity — because you can get to ride during the off-season."

Check out a few playful fat bike edits from Gulevich and Chase below.

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