Crazy POV From Drew Bezanson's Uncontainable Video

Watch as the massive ramps get assembled — and then shredded — for Bezanson's gnarliest project yet.
Just some of the numbers that went into BMXer Drew Bezanson's Red Bull Uncontainable, Truro, Nova Scotia
Just some of the numbers, Red Bull Uncontainable © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool
By Ric McLaughlin

Over the years, Drew Bezanson has pushed his riding to heights and tricks that no one had previously considered possible on a BMX bike. And with his Uncontainable project, he wanted to feel that "uncontrollable stoke" that comes when you conquer your fears.

Watch the video below for a whole new perspective — from behind the scenes — on one of BMX’s most ambitious ramp builds.

Using more than a few shipping containers, some cranes and a lot of plywood, Bezanson and his team built one of the biggest-ever ramp set-ups to find out just what he was truly capable of. But when even he began to shake his head at the ridiculousness of a 40-foot, mid-air curved wallride, many began to worry that things had perhaps gone too far. Not surprisingly, Bezanson got it done perfectly.

Drew Bezanson
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