Rampage Judge Escorts Claudio for POV Practice Run

Kyle Jameson and the infamous King Kong trail help Claudio Caluori prep for a Rampage 2016 POV run.
Red Bull Rampage 2016 Mountain Bike Freeride Event
Kyle Jameson navigates a narrow King Kong trail © Red Bull
By Kevin McAvoy

VIRGIN, Utah — "Being scared of heights really doesn't help here," admits course preview master Claudio Caluori after finally reaching the base of one of Southern Utah's steepest, gnarliest trails: King Kong.

A stone's throw from the new-for-2016 Red Bull Rampage venue, King Kong is touted as the only Rampage-like trail in the world — perfect practice as Caluori prepares for his upcoming POV course preview at Rampage 2016.

Caluori's chaperone down the ruggedly technical King Kong trail? Possibly the most accredited Rampage rider around, Kyle Jameson — current Rampage build crew member, previous Rampage competitor and 2016 contest judge. We couldn't think of a better host to help show Claudio the way — watch the video below.

After that, check out Claudio's attempt to ride the new Rampage 2016 course in one of his wildest POV rides yet.

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