POV: Finding the Epically Gnarly Treasure Trail

The world's most immaculately built, steep and nasty trails are in Squamish, B.C. — find out why.
My POV: Richie Schley on Treasure Trail
My POV: Richie Schley on Treasure Trail © Red Bull
By Scott Hart

"Squamish riding is my favorite riding in the world," says mountain bike legend Richie Schley as he drops in to British Columbia's famed Treasure Trail. "And this is burly!"

Locals of Squamish, B.C. hope you drive right by their small town on your drive from Vancouver's airport to Whistler Bike Park. Taking great pride in their impeccably crafted trails, many of the town's handmade offroad routes are renowned as the world's best for those who like it burly in the forest — full of rock rolls, drops and skinnies, oh my. 

Those in the know, like Schley and riding buddies Wade Simmons and Matt Ryan, know to stop to partake in the town's epic riding — and why many of today's super shredders, such as Brandon Semenuk, call Squamish "home."

Watch the POV down Treasure Trail below


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