Ride Dirt Merchant Without Getting Landed On

Take a point-of-view run down the world famous jump trail with Richie Schley and friends.
My POV: Richie Schley on Dirt Merchant
My POV: Richie Schley on Dirt Merchant © Red Bull
By Scott Hart

Every day this week, Richie Schley will be taking us along for the ride with his latest My POV Series — this time from Canada.

"We're gonna send Dirt Merchant," says Schley to his riding partners Matt Ryan and Brian Lopes at the top of Whistler Bike Park's famed black diamond jump trail. "And hopefully Lopes isn't going to land on our backs!"

Lopes's response? "Stay off the brakes."

Why does Schley have cause for concern? Because halfway down the mountain, Dirt Merchant trail ends and links you into A-Line, which is the host trail of Whistler's coveted Air Downhill race — a race that Lopes has won five times before. 

Take a lap down Dirt Merchant with the boys and be on the lookout for a few Schleybletops (Schley's classic tabletop) and even a couple suicide no-handers — and Lopes breathing down your neck!

Watch the POV below

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