Red Bull Training Grounds: Words With SeleCT

After taking a break from competitive gaming SeleCT is ready to make a comeback.

SeleCT is one of the elite StarCraft II players competing at the first-ever Red Bull Training Grounds. We caught up with him on email prior to him heading out to LA to talk about his eSports career and fans in the United States.

You’ve had a really interesting career, spanning different titles, like StarCraft II and Dota -- and a retirement! What brought you back to the scene?

Talking about Dota, I tried my best, and we played qualification for TI 3, but unfortunately we lost. After that I came back to the USA and streamed some SC2 games. At that time, I didn't decide whether to play SC2 or do something else. However, so many fans welcome me and wish me a good luck and that totally inspired me and gave incredible motivation. Also, I really liked the Heart of Swarm. So my answer is that first, it was a community, and second, a great game.

My stream got better because Dota 2 is a team game. You have to speak and feed information to teammate always, so that made me talk so much more in stream.

You’ve got a great fan base in the United States? What do your fans love about you? Any special words or shout outs you’d like to give your fans?

Haha. t is kinda hard question for me :) In my opinion, they like my honesty and friendly personality with them. I always try to be honest and friendly to my fans in every tournament I go, and stream I do. Shout out to my sons, thank you for the love, big daddy likes it <3 g00t shit LOL

As you jump back into competitive SC2, how useful is an opportunity like Red Bull Training Grounds to getting you acclimated to tournament play?

This is very good opportunity for me to have good practice since I don't have a team, plus to get back in to the pro scene as I just started playing the game. It will take away my tension that comes from the such a long break of tournament.

How hard has it been to get back into the professional swing of things after retirement? Has anything in your preparation or in eSports in general changed that you have noticed?

It wasn't so hard for me, as I am a fast game learner. Because of that talent, I could get top 20 GM in 2 weeks :) I feel like I actually got better than before I played Dota 2, because I learned lots of things playing Dota 2. My game leading, decision-making skill got better. Also my stream got better because Dota 2 is a team game. You have to speak and feed information to teammate always, so that made me talk so much more in stream. I noticed eSports is much more worldwise than before, and WCS is very interesting to see how well foreigners do. Also I noticed community got bigger than WoL.

How useful is watching pro player livestream to upping your own game?

It is very, very useful. Since I am new to the game, I didn't know any build orders. So first thing I did was memorizing the BO and do it over and over again. I just did the same way that I do when I give a lesson. First, memorize the build order correctly. Second, learn the every possible situation that can happen. For example, when I do build order (a) this (b) can happen and that (c) can happen. I can beat B with A but not C. After that, you are free to learn the other build order and make your own thing!

Describe your typical practice routine.

As I mentioned on the previous question, I just do the same thing over and over again, and figure out what is good and bad. And move onto the other BO or create my own.

What are your goals for MLG Anaheim?

I don't have BIG, BIG goal going into MLG Anaheim. I was only given one month of practice time for it. However, I will try my best to reach as further as possible or at least show a exciting game for SC2 fans!

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