Red Bull Training Grounds: Words with DeMusliM

eSports veteran Benjamin “DeMusliM” Baker is ready to return to StarCraft after a recent arm injury.
DeMusliM © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool

Though still only 23, United Kingdom native“DeMusliM” is a veteran of the competitive gaming scene. After several years as a Warcraft III player, Baker switched to Starcraft II, where he plays as the Terrans for the team Evil Geniuses. DeMusliM spoke with Red Bull eSports about how’s he’s recovering from a recent injury.

You’ve mentioned that you started competitive gaming at age 15 as a way to pick up a little extra cash. You’re still in it eight years later. What keeps you motivated these days?

I still love competing and the support I've gotten from my fans, in recent months in particular, have me more motivated than ever. People tuning in everyday to watch me play keeps me sharp.

You were sitting out recently with your arm injury. Are you feeling 100% these days? Also, talk to us about watching live streams of play and what sort of information you can pull from watching pro gameplay in this way?

I would watch tournaments and keep up on builds. It was difficult because the game was changing so frequently in terms of the styles used and I couldn't be directly involved. I feel better for the most part. I still take supplements every day, but I can play without pain.

Did watching games while you were injured help you in any way or help you discover new strategies?

Yeah, I was pretty much forced to watch people figure out how to play Starcraft 2 properly while I was sidelined. Watching games was as close as I could get to practicing.

How do situation like Red Bull Training Grounds, with the opportunity to play against top players, help you in your training?

A proper boot camp for an event is the best way to prepare for a LAN. I'm excited to practice with other top tier players.

What will you be emphasizing in your practice during Red Bull Training Grounds?

I need to practice my trophy kissing for when I win MLG Anaheim. I also want to practice non-hellbat TvT builds.

Describe your typical practice routine.

I wake up and practice a bit. Have lunch, stream until dinner. Eat and play custom games in the evening.

What are your goals for MLG Anaheim?

I want to bop everyone and win.

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