Red Bull Training Grounds: Words With Golden

One of the two members of StarTale making the journey to Los Angeles for Red Bull Training Grounds.
Myeong Hwan "Golden" Jo © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool

After enjoying a solid 2012 in competitive StarCraft II, South Korean Jo "Golden" Myeong Hwan joined StarTale at the beginning of the year and is having an even bigger 2013. Hwan talked to Red Bull eSports about what effect his new team has had on him.

You're been with StarTale since January. Tell us what it like at the StarTale house.

First, I really notice the difference in my progression since I started to go through the structured StarTale from last January. On the fun side, it is so cool to watch famous star players play in such close distance every single day.

Has being part of the StarTale house improved your game?

It has made a huge difference. I’ve reached a different level if I compare my days with the previous team.

Who are you most excited to play against during Red Bull Training Grounds?

I don’t know who the other players are. So for now it will be Sound.

What will you be emphasizing in your play at Red Bull Training Grounds in preparation for MLG Anaheim?

I’m currently showing weaknesses versus the Protoss. I will concentrate on strengthening this side of my play.

How useful is watching pro player livestream to improving your game?

I feel like it actually helps a lot. I always try to remember what I saw when I get to actually play them.

Describe your typical practice routine.

I try my best to follow the StarTale clock and practice nine hours a day. But when I have a clear area I want to work on, I sometimes train longer than that.

What are your goals for MLG Anaheim?

I came to win it all!

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