Red Bull Training Grounds: Words With Sound

Traveling all the way from South Korea, Sound has only one thing on his mind.
StarTale Sound
Sound © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool

As one of two competitors from Korean team StarTale, Bae “Sound” Sang Hwan plays as the Terran in StarCraft II. Here’s what he had to say before Red Bull Training Grounds. 

How helpful do you think Red Bull Training Grounds will be in your preparations for MLG Anaheim?

I’m really looking forward to seeing if there is anything new. I hope it helps me a lot.

What is life like at the StarTale house?

The Star Tale house is always has a positive mood in the air and we are all good friends. So yeah, it’s good fun.

Who are you most interested in competing against during Red Bull Training Grounds?

I do not know the other participants, so Golden.

Do you have any advice for aspiring eSports athletes?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Never give up.

How useful is watching pro player’s livestreams to improving your game?

It’s a pretty good tool to learn from the best players.

Describe your typical practice routine.

I try to follow a set schedule and I also do a lot of image training.

What are your goals for MLG Anaheim?

The United States is far from home. I came to win the entire thing.

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