Red Bull Training Grounds: Words with puCK

Practice makes perfect, says Brandon "puCK" Qual.
puCK © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool

"puCK" is one of three ROOT Gaming players representing at Red Bull Training Ground. He spoke with us over email about why he’s so excited for the event and MLG Anaheim.

You’ve been really helpful in offering advice to aspiring players in your live stream. What is your top advice for players considering a career in eSports?

My top advice is to make sure you have a stable income or money saved up before dropping everything and going full-time. The career isn't easy and requires a lot more work then people imagine.

In your own training, how do you split your time between playing and practicing, and watching and analyzing other player’s livestreams?

Almost all my games are practice. I rarely play for "just fun.” I put in more games than basically anyone on the NA server. The one thing I lack in is watching streams to learn other strategies. I really need to start doing that.

You’ll be at Red Bull Training Grounds this week with your teammate Kane. Do you have the chance to see each other very often? Does it help when you guys are able to get together and play in the real world?

This will be my first time meeting Kane in person. We actually have sort of a history, but we are pretty good friends now. Being able to be close to teammates definitely helps with learning the game. That is one reason I am really excited about the ROOT Team house.

What are you most excited about with MLG Anaheim?

The atmosphere in general. The competition is a blast and then hanging out with the players you play against is even more fun. You meet a lot of people at these events and you make some good friends. I just hope it’s as big as last year.

How useful is watching pro player livestream to bettering your own game?

It’s pretty significant. When I first started the game, I was placed into bronze. If I hadn't watched streams to get better, it would've taken me years to learn the game. That’s why I stated earlier that I should really be watching streams to learn and not just for enjoyment.

Describe your typical practice routine.

My typical practice routine is basically playing eight hours a day. I also don't play the game when I am having a bad time or not enjoying it anymore. I feel that if I play when I am not excited, it brings my skill level down instead of raising it.

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