King Zerg: Q&A With SC2 Legend NesTea

A month before his marriage, Lim "NesTea" Jae Duk looks to win at Training Grounds Orlando.
NesTea © Team Liquid

NesTea might be ancient in pro-StarCraft II years at 30, but the legendary Zerg player has his eyes set on winning a few more tournaments before permanently hanging up his keyboard and mouse. Before he comes to Orlando for Training Grounds, NesTea spoke with Red Bull eSports about his progaming life.

Your list of career achievements is staggering, with many calling you the best Zerg player in the world. What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?

When I played against SC at the GSL semifinal in the fifth set. The game was almost over, but I overtook that game and it was a very proud moment.

What goal do you have your eye on currently?

It has been a while since I won any tournaments. I am getting old and before I retire I would like to win few more tournaments.

Heading into WCS, you mentioned in interviews that your battle with Snute would be particularly challenging. Are you looking forward to a rematch?

I wasn't very ready at ZvZ at that point. Now I feel that I am ready against any Zerg players. I would love to play against Snute once again.

You used to be a coach, do you have any advice for aspiring pro players tuning in this weekend? Is there anything they should specifically be looking for during the matches?

You shouldn't be a gamer without passion, it is not just a game. You need to be ambitious and passionate with games. Be focused and do not think about anything but the match.

You’ve talked in the past about your deep passion for playing StarCraft, what’s the best part of being a pro? The fans? The competition?

First I am happy that I can do what I always wanted to do. If you are a gamer you need fans more than anything, there is no meaning of progamer without fans. If I hadn’t played StarCraft, I know that I would not have traveled around the world for competitions. I am glad and happy that I visited many tournaments and countries.

We understand your girlfriend is extremely supportive of you and your career, will she be tuning in to the live stream this weekend?

She has always been supportive. Whenever she watches my game, I win a lot. I am sure she will be watching and cheering for me. Plus I am getting married on August 31 next month. I love her.

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