Red Bull Training Grounds Orlando: Group Stage

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Sute practicing for Red Bull Training Grounds Orlando
Sute practicing for Red Bull Training Grounds © Tom Nguyen/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Moran

Left or right. Red Pill or Blue Pill. Zerg, Protoss or Terran. Life is full of choices and today is no different. Before the Group Stage begins for Red Bull Training Grounds Orlando, we decided to open it up and let fans pick who will play in the first match of the day. Tell us who you want to see first by heading over HERE. Just scroll past the stream to place your vote today.

Group A

Group B

Here's what the Training Grounds contestants are saying about who they'd like to be matched up with:

NesTea -- "I played Snute before and lost, so I’m looking forward to getting revenge against him. My ZvZ has improved, so I think I can beat him."

SeleCT - “ I have only played HuK and State so I'm looking forward to playing everyone, but especially Snute and Nestea because they have been practicing on Korea servers and it's difficult to beat them.”

Succeed - “Anyone but a Protoss. But it'll probably be PvT so either Illusion or SelecT. I feel like Protoss is overpowered against Terrans, so I might as well pick the race that I feel strongest against.”

Illusion - “NesTea. There’s not much opportunity to play against him since he’s in Korea. If I played him, I'd be the underdog, so there's no pressure on me. So I can just play and see how far I get. If I lose, I can talk to him and other players and find out what I should have done and learn from that. If I played someone who is considered worse than me then I might get flak if I lose.”

State - “I played against Huk at MLG Anaheim, so I'd like to get revenge against him because he beat me 2-1. Also, I was on a team with Illusion for like a year and we trained together, so that would be a fun match too. Select just came back to SC2 and he's already dominating. I think everyone here would be a fun match.”

Snute - “I'd like to face a Protoss like State or Succeed. I think my ZvP is pretty good. Playing ZvZ against Nestea would be cool too so we can have a rematch from WCS America last season.”

Huk - “The most epicness I would think would be to face Nestea. He's really popular and the only Korean out of the eight players here. I don't think a lot of people expected him to be here. so it’s really cool. It would be fun to play him and we've had a little bit of history. We had a little banter and trash talk on the ride over here. Just a little joking.”

So you have read who the programers want to play, now it is your turn. Place your vote today on who you would like to see play first at Red Bull Training Grounds Orlando.

Click HERE to vote.

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