A Whole New Bomber: Round of 4 Preview

StarTale's Bomber is close to reaching the WCS Premier League final.
StarTale Bomber © SonStar/Red Bull Content Pool
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It's finally happened. After two years of trying to push past the GSL Round of 8 – achieved on his Code S debut – Bomber has finally gone one step further with a crushing 3-0 victory over First, showing off with the kind of Terran versus Protoss matchup he was known for in Wings of Liberty. He used a reaper distraction into a devastating Marine drop in the first game, a solid three-base death push in Game 2, and a convincing hold of First's Immortal all-in into trademark multi-pronged drop harass and a strong macro followup to close it out, earned Bomber three consecutive wins – bringing him the best home soil finish of his career.

He’s already guaranteed a spot at the Season 2 Finals, but Bomber won't be satisfied. Closer to a Premier League final than he's ever been, now is his best chance to reach the stage progamers dream of. He’ll have to prove his worthiness to become a champion by defeating one – SKT T1's Rain, the first OSL champion of StarCraft II and the ace Protoss for his team. If TvT was Bomber's test in the Round of 16, it's TvP that will be earning him that finals berth.

Bomber comments on Artosis' "blessing."

There's no way this match will go as easily as his one with First. Rain, coming off of a 3-2 bloodbath with the revitalized Supernova, still has the skill, varied style, and resilience that made him a champion in Wings of Liberty. These two have only met once before Heart of the Swarm, back in this very tournament's Round of 32. Then Rain handily defeated Bomber with his excellent multitasking: passing over the passive, macro-death ball style while also refusing to all-in.

But since then, Bomber's leveled up his play – his games against First and in the Ro16 were on a different level. There's no reason to think, now that he's come this far, that Bomber isn't capable of taking Rain down. He might not be the favorite, but these days being the favorite doesn't seem to mean much – at least not when Artosis is the one making that prediction. Bomber fans have always been patient, knowing that his time always comes around. This time, he stands at a crossroads. He's already reached a comfortable spot as “one of the best Terrans in the world.” But maybe, just maybe, he can go one step further.

The match goes live at 2:10 AM PDT on Thursday, August 1st, and you can watch it with Whiplash, or with Tasteless and Artosis, for your choice of casters.

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