The International Day 2: Record Breaking Matches

Watch the longest match in The International - Dota 2 Championship history.
DK vs. iG at The International - Dota 2 Championships
DK vs. iG at The International © Dota 2 The International
By Leah Jackson

With plenty of intense competition from the likes of Team Liquid and Alliance the second day of The International was not to be missed. Read on to see some of the top Dota 2 moments from The International.

The Record Breaking Fall To The Losers Bracket
DK vs. iG

After DK pulled off a win over iG in Game 1, the defending champions definitely had something to prove in Game 2. In what turned out to be the longest Dota 2 game in history, the two Chinese teams managed to farm and build enough items that DK.BurNing actually set the record for farming the most gold, 60,422, than other player in Dota 2 during a single match.

Despite the stacked characters, iG was able to fend off an attack at their base over 90 minutes in to the game, and with DK unable to buyback, they were able to push and win the match which ended at 98:58. Unfortunately, even though iG managed to pull off the win, DK soundly beat them in a little over 30 minutes during Game 3 to knock them down to the losers bracket.

After the games, BurNing explained what it was like playing is such a stretched out game. "The second game was definitely an exceptionally long, tough game. [DK] felt like we had a big advantage for most of the game, but we had trouble pushing the high ground the entire time and it was super tiring. I played for a while and all of sudden it was already the 70th minute."

Liquid Win Big

Team Liquid managed to upset one of the strongest teams in the tournament in their next Lower Bracket match against The Americans were able to go back and forth against the Chinese for almost 50 minutes. It was at the 49 minute mark around Roshan when the deciding teamfight happened.

LGD.DD on Naga Siren initiated the battle with a Song of the Siren and the Chinese ended up snatching the Aegis. However, even though things seemed to be looking up for, Liquid.Bulba managed to pull off some big plays that resulted in a full team wipe. With that momentum, Liquid pushed in to's base and won the biggest game of their career.

Iceiceice Sun Strikes To Victory

While the draft didn't pan out well for MUFC, Zenith.iceiceice's Invoker proved to be a crucial part of their success in game 1 vs Virtus. One of the best moments of the game was just before 20 minutes, when iceiceice landed a well-timed Sun Strike against VP.kSi's Clockwerk, to kill him after he had just narrowly escaped a large teamfight with an amazing Hookshot. Zenith as a whole looked much stronger than VP about 30 minutes in to the game, and with iceiceice ready to nuke players anywhere on the map with extreme precision, they couldn't leave their base. By 35 minutes, Zenith was able to push in to VP's base on two sides, and force the GG.

Their victory was short lived however, as Zenith faced iG in the next round of the losers bracket. The Singaporeans got off to a good start, killing iG.YYF on Lifestealer just 4 minutes in to the game. But it wasn't time for iG to leave The International quite yet, and they forced Zenith to play more aggressive than they're used to. By 40 minutes, iG was too far ahead of Zenith, and after taking an uncontested Rosh, they were able to stomp in to Zenith's base and make them GG out of the tournament.

The Alliance vs.

At the beginning of the day, Loda, team captain of The Alliance, said that one teamfight can determine the outcome of an entire game. That mentality rang true during their first game against

After almost 60 minutes of back and forth, finally managed to bring down Loda's Phantom Lancer in a huge teamfight. Loda had been causing trouble all game, but now he was pushing barracks in at incredible speeds alongside AdmiralBulldog on Furion. With the captain down for 90 seconds, made a race to destroy Alliance's base. Xiao8, Sylar, and DDC all had enough money banked to purchase Boots of Travel, so they teleported to the base, Sylar bought a Divine Rapier, and they went for the final push.

Ultimately though, they took too long to beat the throne down. Once Loda respawned, with the help of AdmiralBulldog, the two were able to bring down LGD's throne three or four hits before LGD was able to break down theirs, resulting in an extremely intense baserace that will be remembered for years. Going in to the game, Loda said,

It felt okay. We kind of knew they had been studying us a lot more than we had been studying them. We didn't really do our homework so much, but we feel we have a quite good understanding of how they play.

Even though forced Alliance to make some mistakes during Game 2, the Swedes were able to pull off a victory and continue their unstoppable 16-0 winning streak in The International 2013.

With the two days to go there is plenty of action to be had, stay tuned here to see how everything goes down over the weekend.

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