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Kills Mean Nothing, Throne Means Everything.
Na'Vi goes into the final 3
Na'Vi goes into the final 3 © Dota 2 The International
By Leah Jackson

Alliance vs. DK

Going in to Day 3, fans were pumped to see another game with The Alliance after their narrow victory against in the Upper Bracket. To start the day, Alliance's team captain, Loda, explained that he and teammate Akke have been friends for 10 years now, and that their camaraderie is one of the things that really allow the team to push through to victory.

Another reason why Alliance is so strong according to Loda is because they force other teams to make mistakes, which is exactly what DK made them do in game two. By 40 minutes, DK came knocking on Alliance's door, forcing Loda to make a mistake and pop his Black King Bar for absolutely nothing. DK continued to storm through Alliance's Lineup, killing four of them, who all bought back immediately. But it wasn't enough. DK then went on to destroy all of Alliance's barracks, spawning Mega Creeps, and eventually winning the game. This was the first time Alliance was defeated at The International, and going in to game 3 they had a lot to prove.

While Alliance did show that they're not completely unstoppable, they drilled through Game 3 in spectacular fashion. At around 30 minutes, Alliance was ahead in every way, with both Loda and his teammate AdmiralBulldog earning a net worth of over 3k gold more than DK's carry, BurNing. By 40 minutes the Chinese were forced to GG and Alliance went on to the Upper Bracket Finals.

Dendi Loves Hooking
Na'Vi vs. TongFu

Na'Vi is one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world thanks to their skill, but they're also one of the most loved thanks to how much they please their fans. Before the match even started, Dendi had the crowd on their feet with his unique Pudge pick. Thanks to great synergy, and some of the most insane Hooks you'll ever see on Dendi, Na'Vi easily took Game 1 against TongFu 27-11.

TongFu fought back and won Game 2, which was great because it allowed Dendi to pick up Pudge again in Game 3. This time around, Dendi was more restrained, as there was a lot more on the line. Eventually, after it looked like TongFu had the upper hand, Na'Vi resorted to drastic measures. They utilized the Chen/Pudge Fountain Hook strategy, where Pudge Hooks a player and Chen sends Pudge back to base with Test of Faith, forcing the other player to sit in the opposing team's fountain and die every time it landed, which for Dendi, was seven times! With this strategy, Dendi and Puppey on Chen were able to claw their way back to victory, turning the entire game around, and giving the crowd a fantastic show.

After the game, Na’Vi’s Team Captain, Puppey, explained that they had no other choice if they wanted to win the game. When he was asked if they went in to the game with the fountain hook strategy in mind, he said, "No, we weren't thinking Fountain would be our teammate. But it turned out that he was gonna be a very big help to us. He said, 'I'm going to help you out,' so we just started hooking people in to him."

See Dendi's Hook to Fountain Compilation Dota 2 International on Game Spot.

The Lower Bracket
The East Pull Through

Unfortunately, both Team Liquid and Fnatic were eliminated from The International by the eastern teams iG and Orange, respectively. Liquid got off to a great start against the defending champions iG, but after almost 50 minutes the score was still only 8-8, and the Chinese were eventually able to outfarm the American favorites. With one final push, iG was able to force Liquid to GG out of the tournament.

Since time was running short, only the first game of the final Lower Bracket matches were played on Day 3, with the rest of the games to be played on Day 4.

TongFu vs. iG

iG dominated TongFu during the ladder half of their match. After killing all of TongFu's towers and making sure they couldn't leave their base to farm, iG continued to play defensively, basically starving TongFu out of the game. By the end, iG was overwhelmingly ahead in terms of items, levels, and gold, and TongFu wasn't able to come back.

DK vs. Orange

In the final game of the night, Orange seemed to be on top for most of the game. Around 24 minutes there was a teamfight that netted them four kills, thanks to a great Hand of God by Xtinct on Chen and the incredible damage of Mushi on Shadow Fiend. However, things took a turn around 40 minutes in when DK.BurNing got all of his items. He and his team were able to push bottom lane, and with the help of an amazing Reverse Polarity by DK.rOtk on Magnus, DK knocked down four of Orange's heroes, killed the Melee Barracks, and forced a very close GG.

Day 4 of the International continues on Friday, August 8 at 12 PM PST. The event will continue with the Lower Bracket matches between iG vs. TongFu and DK and Orange, and finish with the Upper Bracket finals between the two most favored teams of the entire tournament Alliance and Na'Vi.

Watch all of the action HERE.

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