The International Day 4: The Top 3 Teams

With $600,000 on the line, the best Dota 2 teams in the world showed up in top form for Day 4.
DK Congratulates Orange at The International
DK Congratulates Orange © Dota 2 The International
By Leah Jackson

After three days of competition the field has been whittled down to the top three Dota 2 teams in the world. Defending champions iG, DK and TongFu were all eliminated from competition setting the stage for Alliance, Na'Vi and Orange to battle it out for the title.

Clash of the Titans
Alliance vs. Na’Vi

Going in to Day 4 of The International 2013, all eyes were on last year's runner up Na'Vi and The Alliance. The two teams have been favored throughout the entire tournament to take home the $1.4 million first place prize, and now they would meet on the field of battle for the first time in Seattle.

For better or worse, the games were pretty one-sided and tame, besides some of Na'Vi's odd picks. In the first game, Dendi picked up Skywrath Mage to counter Alliance.s4's Puck in mid, a unique character that hasn't seen much face time in The International. While there was some back and forth, nothing too crazy happened until around 24 minutes, when Alliance killed Roshan for the second time. At this point, the Swedes were far ahead of their opponents, and were able to completely team wipe Na'Vi and claim some Barracks, and eventually the GG.

Game two wasn't any better for Na'Vi, who opted to put Dendi on Tidehunter solo mid. Alliance decided to play cautious, as there was so much on the line. They didn't bring the fight to Na'Vi until Loda had fully purchased a Black King Bar on Alchemist and AdmiralBulldog had a Radiance on his staple, Lone Druid. At 25 minutes, there was a huge encounter at Roshan, and just when Na'Vi was about to take the beast down, Alliance's EGM initiated with a Song of the Siren to steal the Aegis and allow time for the rest of his team to get in to position. With the Aegis in hand, Alliance stomped down Na'Vi's mid towers and barracks. Na'Vi gave one last hurrah at top, but when Alliance practically wiped them 4-0, the Ukraine team was forced to GG down to the lower bracket.

A Former Champion’s Fall

After a full night's rest, the teams in the Lower Bracket were back on Day 4 to compete for a spot against Na'Vi in the Lower Bracket Grand Finals. After a stellar game from DK the previous day, Orange showed up in top form to defeat the Chinese handedly in Game 2. In Game 3, everything seemed to be going Orange's way. They were earning more gold, getting consistent player and tower kills, and were able to take Rosh several times. While DK put up a great fight, Orange couldn't be stopped, and with one last fight in top lane, DK was eliminated from the International.

iG, the winners of The International 2012, were also defeated in a 2-1 matchup against TongFu. While the defending champs were able to pull off a win in Game 1, Game 2 lasted over an hour, with TongFu only coming back at the very end after Mu on Weaver got a Double Rampage on iG at their bottom barracks. TongFu went on to win a quick Game 3 as well, being ahead by over 15k gold and experience a little over 20 minutes in. By 27 minutes, TongFu went for the throat, destroying a second set of Barracks and ultimately forcing the GG that would eliminate iG from this year's International.

Orange Peels Back The Lower Bracket
Orange vs. TongFu

In the last matchup of Day 4, TongFu played versus Orange to determine who would play against Na'Vi in the Lower Bracket Finals. Na'Vi was the team that knocked them both down there in the first place, and they wanted revenge.

Game 1 saw some interesting picks like Orange.Mushi on Sven and TongFu.SanSheng on Silencer. As the game played out, Orange began dominating in every way. Their Sven and Dark Seer combo ended up working extremely well, and once Mushi was able to get a few items he became almost unstoppable. TongFu was able to force the GG with a score of 28-5.

In Game 2, TongFu and Orange both fought hard, but it wasn't until Orange made the fatal mistake to try and contest Rosh that they sealed their fate. They ended up losing 3 Heroes, so TongFu pushed their advantage, snapped up the Aegis, and beat down Orange's base to bring the score to 1-1.

With everything on the line in Game 3, Orange began pulling ahead early for an advantage that would last the whole game. By 16 minutes in, they led the score 10-1 and had over 10 k more gold than TongFu. By 20 mintues, they had taken all of TongFu's tier 2 towers, Roshan, and decided it was time to go for the win. They pushed in to TongFu's base and won a huge teamfight without losing anyone, proceeded to destroy several sets of barracks, and force the final GG of TongFu from the tournament. With this win, Orange continues their 4-0 streak in the Lower Bracket.

The Final Day

The International 2013 will finish up on Sunday, August 11 starting at 12 PM PST. Na'Vi and Orange will kick things off in the Lower Bracket Finals, and the winner will go on to play a best of five against Alliance in the Grand Finals. The top place prize at The International currently sits at $1.43 million, while second place will get $631,000, and third will walk away with $287,000.

Watch the Finals HERE.

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