Call of Duty Scrimmage: Europe vs. America

Take a behind the scenes look at how OpTic Gaming prepared for MLG with Prophecy from the UK.
OpTic Gaming having a team practice
OpTic Gaming © Tom Nguyen/Red Bull Media House

Nadeshot and OpTic Gaming, one of the top Call of Duty eSports teams in the world, got to participate in something brand new – a pre-LAN practice to prepare for MLG Anaheim in June. They scrimmages at Red Bull headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif. against European team Prophecy.

"It was the first ever of its kind. No company has ever really hosted a tournament to prepare their athletes better for the actual major tournaments coming up. So it was a really good experience,” said Nadeshot about the pre-LAN.

“We got to practice in a live environment and see how things felt competing at the tournament, so that was a really big positive for us. It gave us an edge over our competition, and although we didn't place first, we placed top three and I think that LAN helped."

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