Why ESPORTS is Better Than Football

Football isn't the only thing to watch this weekend, here's 10 reasons why we'll be watching eSports
Why ESPORTS is better then Football
Why ESPORTS is better then Football
By Ryan Smith

There’s nothing wrong with fellas tossing the pigskin around on a field. Football certainly has its appeal – especially the tailgating parties. But what bugs me is the sense of superiority that certain dudebro football fans have towards eSports. “Get out of your parents’ basement and play a real sport, not a video game!” they’ll sneer dismissively. So, if someone gives you lip about watching pro StarCraft or League of Legends, here’s a list of rebuttals to the “football is so much better than eSports” argument.

1. The blitz has nothing on the Zerg Rush.
Defenses in football can throw the opposition into a tizzy by bringing up extra men to chase the harried quarterback. But we’re still talking only like six or seven rushers. A Zerg rush in StarCraft II could consist of dozens of little Zerglings sprinting towards an unsuspecting base. Plus, it’s not like Julius Peppers or Clay Matthews are sprouting massive claws and fangs like the Zerg is packing.

2. eSports has better cosplayers.
Remind condescending football fans that whenever they’re wearing a #18 Denver Broncos jersey on gameday, they’re actually cosplaying as Peyton Manning. Plus, oversized jerseys are almost never flattering. Meanwhile, League of Legends cosplayers often make their own outfits, and they’re usually pretty amazing to look at.

3. The injuries aren’t as wicked.
Sure, you can get a sore wrist or fingers from too much mouse and keyboard action, but you’d be hard pressed to find an eSports pro with a broken collarbone, strained groin (yikes!), or turf toe. Speaking of which…

4. eSports helps your brain, football potentially hurts it.
A recent study shows StarCraft can actually boost your brainpower. Football? Well, ask your doctor is getting hit in the head by a 300-pound man is a healthy activity.

5. The game constantly evolves.
There are tiny wrinkles like the read-option or the West Coast offense, but football hasn’t fundamentally changed in the past century. League of Legends, meanwhile, gets a new character every month or so and think about how far StarCraft has come since Blizzard’s original game.

6. Tossing things.
Angry football fans toss their beer, LoL’s Gragas tosses entire explosive casks of alcohol as a weapon.

7. No kickers.
Football is a brutal, smashmouth game that can often be determined by a single kick from a guy who is on the field for maybe three or four plays a game. eSports players are there in the heat of the battle the entire time.

8. eSports are way more accessible.
Want to play a game of football with your friends? No problem, just somehow find a couple of dozen willing people, a giant empty field, and thousands of dollars of equipment. To play eSports, all you need is a computer (which you probably have already), a copy of the game and an internet connection.

9. The players are more accessible too.
A lot of the best eSports pros stream their games and practices online and interact with fans on their streams or social media. At tournaments, they’ll often sign autographs and chat with fans. Only a lucky few ever get to meet Tom Brady or Adrian Peterson.

10. StarCraft’s Tim Frazier > Tim Tebow. ‘Nuff said.

Have a reason why eSports is better? Leave a comment below and we will pick the best ones to add to this running list of why eSports is better than Football.

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