Polt Wins WCS America Season 3 Finals

CMStorm Polt becomes the first ever two-time WCS Champion after beating ByuL in the Season 3 Finals.
CMStorm Polt
CMStorm Polt © Randy Ly
By redbull.com

In an epic TvZ matchup Choi “Polt” Seong Hun was able to take down the impressive Zerg, Han “ByuL” Ji Won, 4-1 in the WCS America Season 3 Grand Final. While Polt had been an early favorite to be in the finals, ByuL showed he deserved a seat at the table by beating the up-and-coming Terran StarTale Hack in the quarterfinals and one of the world's top Zerg’s Jaedong in the semis.

Using some of the momentum that he had with his win over Jaedong, ByuL was able to take the first match against Polt. However this matchup was more about the battle of attrition as Polt used his impressive Micro play to constantly attack ByuL on multiple fronts winning the next four games in a row.

To illustrate Polt’s amazing Micro he had one Marine, affectionately named Billy, that alone had 12 kills and stayed alive for what seemed like the entire match (of course with a little help from a Medivac).

With Polt becoming the first ever two-time WCS America Champion after winning Seasons 2 and 3 this year it is not a question if he is one of the best players in the region. It is rather, is Polt the best Terran in the world?

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