The Winner of the Team Liquid Map Contest

The people have spoken, the New Polaris Rhapsody map will be used in competition at Battle Grounds.
New Polaris Rhapsody
New Polaris Rhapsody © Meerel

By an overwhelming margin the New Polaris Rhapsody map from the Team Liquid Map contest has been chosen for Red Bull Battle Grounds.

Designed by Meerel this map brings an interesting twist to gameplay that is not normally seen in competitve play. For one of the first times in a competitve StarCraft II tournament our eight competitors will need to need to navigate around the dynamic element of lava destroying units during the timed lava surges.

New Polaris Rhapsody: 593 votes
Habitation Station: 192 votes
Blitzkrieg: 180 votes
Synapse: 151 votes
Graveside: 143 votes
Jungle Valley: 114 votes
Shrieking Breeze: 113 votes

To watch this map live and in person click here to buy tickets for Red Bull Battle Grounds in New York.

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