Battle Grounds Matchup: Bomber vs. Golden

One of them thinks there's only a 1% chance he will lose.
Bomber vs. Golden at Red Bull Battle Grounds
Bomber vs. Golden at Red Bull Battle Grounds
By Rob Zacny

Team-kills are often odd matchups, because nobody in sports knows each other like teammates. They train together, test each other, and know just which buttons to push to derail an otherwise confident teammate.

Take the upcoming team-kill at Red Bull Battlegrounds: Choi “Bomber” Ji Sung has had a tremendous year, and would be an easy favorite against his teammate Jo "Golden" Myeong Hwan, but the StarTale Zerg has had ample opportunity to observe and practice against his team’s Terran ace. Will he be able to find the secret to beating Bomber that so many of StarCraft’s best Zerg players have missed?

Bomber doesn’t think so.

I have prepared certain builds specific to Golden. There is only a 1% chance I lose to him, even if he has been practicing.

Proving that even junior teammates get the full Bomber treatment: prepared builds, trash talk, and mind games that start weeks in advance.

To be fair, the odds aren’t in Golden’s favor. While he may have won Red Bull Training Grounds in June by beating his Terran teammate Bae "Sound" Sang Hwan 4-2, Bomber is on another level from Sound.

He’s a master of bio play and is almost immune to Baneling plays thanks to his amazing micro and uncanny splits. He’s as good with the now-standard Marine-Widow Mine play as he is with Marine-Siege Tank, and his SCV pull timings are almost impossible to hold unless they get sniffed out early.

Bomber’s style is particularly hard for Zerg because Marines are so effective against both Mutalisk play and just about any build short of Ultralisks. Banelings, the normal counter to heavy bio, are iffy because they’re so hard to land on Bomber. It must be said, though, Golden beat Sound with Ultralisks and Infestors, and his third game against Sound might be a template for how to beat Bomber.

On the other hand, most Zerg who play Bomber tend to stick with the classics: Roach-Infestor, Zergling-Baneling, or Roach-Mutalisk. Where Bomber’s compositions might be more vulnerable is against attacks like the Viper’s blinding clouds, or the Swarm Hosts’ ability to win games via attrition and map control.

If Golden wants to put Bomber off his game, he’ll either need amazing Banelings, some tricky timings, or some creative use of the Heart of the Swarm units. On the other hand, if Bomber gets overconfident with early aggression, he can sometimes throw his chance away on an all-in. Bomber is a “win now or die trying” kind of player, and Golden can use that to his advantage.

Even if Golden loses, however, he still has a chance to survive the group stage by defeating the loser of Scarlett vs. PartinG. He’s definitely got the toughest road out of this group, but absolutely anything can happen in group stages.

Buy your tickets to see these two battle it out live and in person at Red Bull Battle Grounds New York.

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