The Top 10 Signs the NSA Has Been Watching You

You might want to watch out who you play online games with in the future.

The NSA is Watching You
The NSA is Watching You© Jason Pun

According to new top secret documents released by ProPublica from the hands of government whistleblower Edward Snowden, both the NSA and the GCHQ used online multiplayer game Second Life, World of WarCraft, as well as Xbox Live to gather intelligence and uncover nefarious plots. There’s no word on exactly how many Feds were pwning noobs online, but apparently enough that one of the biggest dangers was agents accidentally running into each other in the game.

So how do you figure out if that wizard in your guild is an NSA agent in orcish clothing or that special agent character you’ve been capturing flags with in Call of Duty could actually be a special agent in real life? Here are a few signs:

10. When playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, one of your teammates complains that the drones don’t fly like they do in real life and notes, “I use them at work all the time.”

9. Blizzard announces a new match-up for Legacy of the Void, TvF (Terran vs. Feds).

8. An opponent in Halo taunts you about the pajamas you’re wearing, even though you’re home alone. Oops, looks like your Kinect might be hacked!

7. A Battlefield 4 teammate casually notes that your camouflaged special agent character dresses exactly like a coworker.

6. In a game of League of Legends, you get this in teamchat: “BRB, terrorist INC.”

5. Someone confesses they have classified information that the U.S. has been secretly building prototypes of the Banshee aircraft from StarCraft.

4. You’re in an Xbox Live party with Edward Snowden online, and he suddenly tells you to be quiet and act natural.

3. You overhear this conversation through voice chat: “Sorry honey, I can’t run to the store. I REALLY gotta go on this dragon raid. I’m protecting America here, okay?”

2. When discussing scouting strategies for a game of StarCraft, your teammate at first suggests breaking into your opponent's Gmail and Facebook accounts.

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