The Best SC2 Frag Film From Battle Grounds NYC

Check out a different kind of "frag film" from this StarCraft II fan.
Bomber running into Scarletts Banelings
Bomber running into Scarletts Banelings © Blizzard
By Ryan Smith

Want to see a different kind of highlight video of Red Bull Battle Grounds? A StarCraft fan with the username Paz the Lobster has compiled a few of the best “frag” moments of pro-StarCraft on display for last month’s tournament in New York City and set it to some cool electronic music.

The three minute video highlights Scarlett’s Fungal shot, some Blink powers by PartinG, burrow by HyuN, and then comes back to Scarlett at the end for her amazing Baneling Bust on Bomber in the final game of their match. Check it out!

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