eSports Holiday Gift Guide

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Red Bull eSports picks some tools and toys for the gift giving season.

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here, console gamers are fairly easy to buy for this holiday season. But what about PC-friendly eSports fans? Red Bull eSports has a few ideas what to get that particular gadget and gaming geek in your life.

Dota 2 Steel Series Headset

Dota 2 Steel Series Siberia Headset
Available at:

Decked out in handsome red and black to match the colors of Dota, this headset from Steel Series looks and sounds great. As a bonus, it comes with an exclusive in-game unlock in Dota for Nature’s Prophet: Scythe of Vyse.

Razer League of Legends Mouse

Razer Naga Hex League of Legends Collector’s Edition Mouse
Available at: Razerzone

This mouse is almost as powerful as Jayce’s giant hammer. It has 6 buttons on the side and allows League of Legends players (or Dota 2 players for that matter) to bind any hotkeys, including spells, attacks and items to programmable buttons. The high performance buttons registers up to 250 clicks a minute, which you’ll need in massive team fights.

Tt eSports Challenger Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

Tt eSports Challenger Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
Available at

For an eSports gamer, the keyboard is the most basic tool, like a bat for a baseball player or cleats for a soccer player. This one by Thermaltake features on-board memory that allows for six macro keys for three different game profiles and each key is rubber-coated textured for better control and is backlit for better viewing. Key on!

Dimora Gaming Mousepad

Dimora Gaming Mousepad
Available at
: feenixcollection

We’ve all gotten free mousepads at gaming conventions, but you don’t want to be using those flimsy things for competitive play. Consider instead the Dimora Gaming Mousepad, which features a hard micro textured surface that works to reduces contact between the mouse and pad for optimal glide and fast speeds.


Computer Monitor with Nvidia G-Sync
Available at
: Digital Storm

The cutting edge of graphics tech, G-SYNC is designed to address screen tearing - one of the most common and annoying problems in gaming - pro and otherwise. Screen tearing is that jagged discontinuity you can sometimes see on your PC. You can experience a pre-modified ASUS VG248QE monitor equipped with G-SYNC today.

Alienware X51 Gaming Computer

Alienware X51 Gaming Desktop
Available at: Alienware

Who knew that a desktop computer would ever be smaller than an Xbox? Alienware's sleek X51 is about the size of an Xbox One and packs a lot of power under the hood for all gaming needs.

Edifier Predator 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Edifier: Predator Multimedia Speaker System
Available at
: Edifier.US

It’s called the Predator, yet this speaker setup looks like the sound system for a queen from the “Aliens” series as well. Either way, this set – that includes a 5 inch subwoofer, a pair of 2 inch drivers and 2 inch passive bass radiators are designed to complement a gaming rig or a computer system, but can also be connected to any audio device with a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable.

GSL’s Premium 2014 Subscription
Available at

For $20 more than a regular yearly subscription to this eSports channel, GSL is offering a premium package that gives users a higher quality stream, access to VODs, and chat during subscriber-only mode.

StarCraft keychain

StarCraft Keychains
Available at
: Jinx

Show your allegiance to your chosen race in StarCraft with these keychains. You can choose between Zerg, Terran and Protoss symbols. Intergalactic space travel unfortunately not included.

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Galaxy Gear
Available at
: Samsung

You don't want to miss a minute of eSports broadcasts, which is why it's good to have a watch. The latest proof that we’re living in a science fiction world – the Galaxy Gear is a watch with almost all the capabilities of a smartphone with a built in camera, speakers, and a 1.63 inch touchscreen. Admit it, Batman, you’re jealous.

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