Bomber Leaves Start His Own Team?

Bomber in New York City
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In an exclusive interview, Choi "Bomber" Ji Sung announces his search for a new team for 2014.

In a surprise announcement the StarTale team captain, Choi "Bomber" Ji Sung, announced that he would be leaving the team effective immediately. We were able to talk to him on Skype for an inside look at his decision to leave StarTale.

You have been a member of StarTale for quite some time and we know you have a very close relationship with the coaches and players, how hard of a decision was it to leave?

This was really tough choice but I only have one to two years left before I join the military so I want to focus more on traveling and competing in tournaments outside of Korea.

You have been on Team StarTale since 2010, what was your favorite memory from your time with them?

Living and practicing with all those guys was great, but the best memory I have was probably the GSTL Finals at the 2012 IPL event in Las Vegas.

So as of now you don’t have a team to play for, what are your plans?

I think it'd be pretty cool if I could have my own team, be a player and a coach.

Oh really? If you can pick two Koreans and two Foreigners to be on your team who would they be?

The top two foreigners in StarCraft II are NaNiwa and Scarlett so for sure I’d pick them. For Koreans I’d have to pick two of my old teammates, Life and Hack.

Looks like the new year is going to bring a lot of changes, especially with you moving to WCS North America.

Yes, I'm excited for 2014.

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