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PartinG after winning Battle Grounds New York
PartinG after winning Battle Grounds New York © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool
By Ryan Smith and Andrew Groen

In today's drop, StarCraft players go for doge-style winnings, Cloud 9 gets a European team, PartinG celebrates, and Invictus flexes their muscles in Dota 2.

1. Best Post-Game Celebration of the Week

You’ve got to hand it to Won "PartinG" Lee Sak. The man wins with a healthy dose of flair. Check out the highlights from this Round 1 Proleague match between Incredible Miracle and SKT T1. Around the 40 second mark of the video PartinG rummages around his jacket for a big thumbs up. Hilarious and inventive.

2. The Battle for Dogecoin

Two weeks ago, as Scarlett played NaNiwa in a showmatch for Bitcoins, Red Bull eSports jokingly suggested that the currency should be replaced by Dogecoin. Looks like someone may have taken that jape seriously.

Two pro StarCraft teams – Clarity Gaming and ROOT SEED are battling it out Tuesday night in a best-of-seven showmatch with plenty of the dog-faced online coinage at stake. The prize pool began at 10,000 Dogecoin, but through online donations, the prize pool has been raised to 902674.73181054 doge, to be absurdly precise. If that sounds like a lot, well, it’s not really – about 221 U.S. dollars. Dogecoin’s value peaked around Christmas until hackers stole about 21 million of the virtual money and the value dropped. Bad Doge!

Either way, the showmatch should be fun viewing. The action begins at 6 p.m. PST and will be streamed on Twitch.

3. Cloud 9 Goes Euro

The League of Legends EU Challenger team “Apples is sour” will represent Cloud 9 in Europe, according to the team’s blog. The team is definitely one to watch after going 47-7 and holding the number one spot on the ranked ladder. They will play under the name: “C9 HyperX EU” (We were secretly hoping for Cloud 10).

4. Invictus Wins Red Bull ECL Dota 2 Grand Final

The matchup between Invictus Gaming and Team DK is quickly turning into the best rivalry in all of Dota 2. The two Chinese teams squared off for the second time this week in a premier tournament grand final matchup, first at the WPC ACE 2013 Grand Finals and then again Tuesday at the Grand Finals of the Red Bull eSports Champions League with $16,300 at stake.

Team DK was riding high coming into the matchup as they looked for their third major championship in only ten days. In their path was a frustrated Invictus Gaming team who hadn’t won a major event since early March 2013.

Anticipation for this match was high after their first grand final of the week (WPC ACE 2013), where Team DK reverse-swept Invictus after losing the first three matches in the best of seven series. Invictus clearly gleaned a few lessons from that horror show and applied them to the Red Bull ECL Finals as they took out Team DK 2-0 in dominant fashion.

The epic Chinese rivalry between Team DK and Invictus Gaming won’t stop here though. The two eastern giants will square off in yet another premier Grand Finals at the conclusion of G-League 2013 on January 19.

You can watch Part 1 of the first game here, and the second part here. The VoD for game two is here.

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